236 Stories To Learn About Ux

22 Feb 2024

Let's learn about Ux via these 236 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

User Experience or UX has been known to make or break several careers. Polish your understanding of UX here.

1. Build Better Notification Experiences With Omnichannel Analytics

In this article, we talk about omnichannel analytics, why analytics are hard for notifications, and what we believe is needed to empower PMs.

2. Apple’s Icons Have That Shape for a Very Good Reason

If you haven’t been immersed in <a href="https://hackernoon.com/tagged/ios" target="_blank">iOS</a> interface <a href="https://hackernoon.com/tagged/design" target="_blank">design</a>, you might look at Apple’s icons and think that they’re just a rounded square or a ‘roundrect’. If you’ve been designing icons, you know that they’re something different and may have heard the word <a href="https://applypixels.com/the-hunt-for-the-squircle/" target="_blank">squircle</a> used (mathematical intermediate of a square and a circle). And if you’re an Industrial Designer, you recognize this as a core signature of their hardware products.

3. 6 GUI Design Principles Every Designer Should Know

GUI design has become the best choice of user interface design. Nevertheless, in spite of the unpredictable popularity of GUI, few application programs have good interface design and live up to graphic user interface design principles. Additionally, it’s extremely difficult to use the expertise and existing documents to explain what an excellent and direct-viewing operation interface is.

4. What I Learned in My First Year as a Product Manager

Expectations, surprises, and lots of learning.

5. 13 Website Design Inspiration for UI/UX Designers

Regardless of whether you're an accomplished website designer or developer or simply a beginner, a website architecture venture's extension can rapidly limit the of assets accessible, making it extreme to track down the correct website design for motivation for your assignment.

6. What Product Managers do and How to become one [Part 1 — From Zero to Product Manager]

This article is Part 1 of the ongoing series From Zero to Product Manager. A set of articles that help you transition to a Product Management role. In this post I explain what a Product Manager (PM) is and how the role can differ across companies, I describe the best qualities of an excellent PM.

7. UX vs UI vs CX: What’s the Difference?

You might have heard user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and customer experience (CX) being used interchangeably. Even some of the most seasoned and professional marketers and designers confuse these terms.

8. The Importance of UX Design in Video Games

UX design is an important part of video games as it helps users form first impressions of the game and motivates them to try it out.

9. Concurrent React Mode: Using Suspense and useTransition to Build A Better UX

The React JS dev team announced some exciting changes several months ago - React would be getting a "Concurrent Mode". Essentially this would allow React to perform multiple UI renders concurrently. Of course, JavaScript is single threaded and true concurrency is an illusion, but the new features will allow web apps (and Native Apps once these features hit React Native) to be much more responsive and snappy than they are now with less effort and custom code from the developer to make this happen.

10. 10 Best UI/UX Project Ideas to Improve Your Frontend Skills 🎨🧙‍♂️

I have handpicked some awesome UI and UX projects that might give you some inspiration to create your own projects

11. How to Design for Mobile Apps

A brief introduction to mobile app design with some simple tips to consider while designing for a mobile app.

12. Simple Breadcrumbs in React with Reach-Router [Tutorial]

One of the things that you end up developing in one point or in the other is a breadcrumbs navigation system. I've seen some posts across the web touting how to achieve it in React and Reach Router by providing complex looping mechanisms. In this post, I show you a simpler, non loop way that displays breadcrumbs in Reach-Router.

13. How to Add Gamification Into a Dating App Design

The design of the dating app should turn the e-space of online dating into a comfort zone for billions of users seeking for a soulmate.

14. How to Get Started Using the EyeDropper API with JavaScript

With the new EyeDropper API in Chromium, websites can let visitors pick colors from anywhere on their screen

15. How Webflow is Redefining Website Design and Development

We’re here to give control back to our clients. That’s why we use Webflow to create a smarter and better website design that puts you in the driver’s seat.

16. The Death of App Attribution

This is the second chapter in the story of Branch, and describes how we built the next-gen solution for mobile attribution (we published Deep Linking is Not Enough, covering our rise to become the industry’s leading deep link and user experience platform, two years ago).

17. Your Creativity is More Valuable Than The Tools You Use

Using a design tool isn’t a skill. It’s just good practice to display them in your portfolio to depict how strong you’re with the tool.

18. 5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Brand

Your company’s brand is an essential yet intangible asset that narrates how your audience views your organization. It’s no longer sufficient to merely develop your branding. To be sustainable, you must also future-proof your brand, ensuring that you evolve with industry trends and stay relevant to a digital audience.

19. Top 10 Trustworthy UX Research Tools

Here we share the list of top 10 UX research tools. This guide will help you better understand the perspective and attitude of a user.

20. Gamification Strategies for Driving User Engagement in Web3 Projects

One way to help your web3 project grow and thrive is by incorporating game mechanics, which are the principles and rules that govern a game.

21. How to Make a Wireframe in 2019

Need help hacking your first wireframe? Here are a few first principles to remember.

22. Outsourcing UX Design? Here's How To Set Up a Productive Partnership

If you don’t need a UX designer for several projects over the long term, it’s sometimes better to hire an out-of-office freelancer than an in-house designer.

23. Become a UX Wizard With These Simple Tips for Beginner Designers

Taking the first step towards something new is never easy.

24. Why Password Managers Ignore Input Fields - trial:by:fire

Creating login fields that work with password managers isn't as easy as it seems.

25. Puppeteering HTML - The Art of Creating Optimized Web Pages

The day has finally come,... to spread awareness regarding a concept called Mutation Observer. Yes, you should know about this. Simple but still a game changer when it comes to controlling how your webpage interacts with a user.

26. How we Increased Paying Customers by 7x

3 ways we increased conversion from free to paid by 760%

27. How to Hire An Offshore UI/UX Team for Your Next Project

Nowadays, businesses just can’t do without relying on the web and various kinds of digital technologies.

28. My Experience With Dating Apps - Take One

My first experience using various apps to meet people.

29. Taking Advantage of React to Improve User Experience

In this article, we'll discuss some tips on how to create a great user experience with React.

30. I used my iPad as my Interim Dev Machine while my Mac was down and my Reaction was - "Wow"

31. How to Write Helpful and Accessible UX Copy for Every User

A guide on how to write UX copy that accommodates every kind of user.

32. Me, You, and Us in Software

It shows me that #OwnYourData is not just about privacy or autonomy, but also about the cool cybernetic possibilities of a future we haven't imagined yet.

33. Celebrating Yagmur Erten: A Look at the Accomplishments of a Trailblazing UX Researcher

Yagmur Erten is a user researcher with a background in behavioral psychology and business management.

34. 7 Ways to Optimize User Experience on Your Website

Improve your traffic by focusing on the quality of your user's experiences. The following instructions are the initial stage of that journey.

35. Qualitative Data: Language Models & UX Research in AI

Language Models are far from being sentient but they can be used to conduct qualitative UX Research especially when it comes to handling big qual data.

36. 5 Ways to Load Less Imagery to Increase Ranking and Client Happiness

Improve your ranking by both search engines and humans by not forcing the client to download unnecessary imagery.

37. Brainstorming Rules, "How Might We.." Method, Team Warm-Ups, & Brainstorming Sessions

To prepare for brainstorming, it is necessary to gather a team, acquaint all the participants with the rules of brainstorming, and also prepare questions.

38. 12 Animated JavaScript UI Design Components to Inspire Your Next Web Design Project 🎨✨

39. UX and Product Design Notes with Noonies Nominee, Jordan Bowman

An interview with Jordan Bowman, Product Designer and Co-Creator of UX Tools; and 6x 2021 Noonies Nominee for Design Thinking, Product Design, UI; UX and more.

40. New Inline Emoji Reactions on Hacker Noon

The traditional comment box at the end of a blog post is not a sufficient way to facilitate reader and writer communication. It falls short in a number of ways:

41. I Added Text to My ‘Pure Icon’ Site after 8 Years. Here’s Why

After many years, I went from pure icons to adding descriptive text.

42. How I Approached My Organization's Rebranding As a Software Engineer

An engineer's journey to solving tech debt while rebranding a mobile application from Agora to Kojo.

I decided to design a Neuralink concept app after watching Elon Musk’s latest chat on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Context: Neuralink is one of the companies Elon Musk works on. They're developing skull implants that connect to the brain to restore certain body functions that were lost through injury or health complications.

44. A Designer and a Nordic Guy Walk into a Hall

The Divine Alchemy of Mastery in Digital Design

45. Developer Challenge: Can You Recreate this Web Component?

Are you a confident front-end developer? I challenge you to re-create this component from GitHub. It’s not as easy as you may think!

46. Answer First, Code Later: Why the Best DAOs Won’t Be About Web3

Know when it's time to drop the jargon. Immutable records won't make your Web3 project stand out. Here's how to implement user research to make your DAO pop.

47. UI/UX Errors: Don’t Blame the User, Re-Evaluate Your Design Strategy Instead

The solution is to redesign the product in such a way that it prevents errors from occurring in the first place.

48. A Frontend Developer's Perspective on UI Design Tools

Hey there 👋Thanks for checking my first Hackernoon article. My name is Vova and I'm a self-taught front-end engineer. I started learning front-end two years ago and was lucky to land my first job in a tech startup. Getting the first job is (very) challenging but the startup I applied to wanted to give equal chances to the professionals of all levels.

So the last 1.5 years I was playing with React, Redux, Webpack, fetch, Node.js, Express.js Backend, Webhooks.…You know, in a startup you are wearing different hats. I was making 20+ landing pages, setting up A/B tests, helping the marketing team to make automation and eventually doing some design tasks.

That's fun and I always enjoyed design tasks, even if they were small. So it became asking myself, what other people are using for making design tasks?

Here is what I got from a small Twitter research:

49. The User Experience of Mobile Phone Numbers

In this post, I want to talk about the user experience of an archaic technology that we got used to live with. We don’t even consider it archaic and we’re numb to all the little nuances it has: The mobile phone numbers.

The best logos come across as simple and effortless. This is a difficult concept to wrap your head around when creating your first logo. In fact the number one issue I have had with most of my clients is their urge to overdo the design. Look at the logos of the world’s most successful brands like Nike, Twitter, or Apple. They are extremely simple and recognizable which is why I spend a good part of my time stressing this point to my clients.

51. Chief Reality Officers: Who are They and Why Do we Need Them

If there’s one thing we can all agree about the tech industry is that it moves pretty fast. That’s why we constantly hear about new job titles such as DevOps engineer, Brand Evangelist and even Chief Happiness Officer. I’d like to propose adding one more role to this mess — behold, the Chief Reality Officer!

52. Design the Best Notification Preference Experience in the Fastest Time

Notification preferences are important, especially if you’re building an application that sends dozens of notifications. With Courier Preferences, you can build

53. 8 UX Writing Resources to Help You Master the Art of Microcopy

UX really isn’t a one-angle solution. You may be a product manager or copywriter, either way - your microcopy needs to be on point.

54. Recreating The Instagram Double-Tap with JavaScript ❤️

Today we are going to recreate the famous Instagram double-tap to like effect!

55. How to Help Team Members Adopt Research Insights Better

Have you ever delivered research insights to your team but never heard back?

56. Building a Slack App with Native SFDC Integration

This post is a continuation of our series based on a video series explaining how to build Slack Apps that integrate with Salesforce APIs.

57. How To Value SaaS Business

This post focuses on how SaaS metrics relate to customer onboarding, company growth, and the generation of sustainable income needed and sufficient to not only stay afloat in the turbulent sea of web marketing but thrive.

58. You Need to Unlearn Your Product Every Day as a Product Manager

Product Managers (PM) are responsible for the growth of the product from the very first day. If the product succeeds, the whole product team gets the credit but if it fails, the PM takes complete responsibility for its failure. In this drive to make their product successful, PMs need to spend a lot of time with their product to make it simple and valuable for their users.

59. The Dos and Don'ts of Designing Chat Messaging UIs for Your App

Get valuable insights on designing user-friendly in-app chat UIs. Learn the dos and don'ts, best practices, and tips on simplifying, enhancing UX with color and

60. Why You Should Care About Perfecting CSS Animations

My story with CSS animations begins when I was trying to figure out how to become a unicorn in the programming world, the mixing between designing a User Interface (UI) for working in the back-end later it was quite impressive and hard for me, a person with a fully theoretical/academic knowledge foundation, but, at one moment, my fairy godmother appeared in front of my eyes, pure CSS animations brought my page to life and started to give me the magic that I was needing for... Creativity.

61. Understanding the Stages of the Sales Funnel and How it Relates to Your Website

The sales funnel attracts consumers to business products or services, and it also convinces them to buy the respective product or service.

62. A Pledge to Better App Notifications by App Developers

There is a direct connection between all the unnecessary notifications you get on your phone and the sub-prime financial crisis of 2008: lack of accountability

63. Designing the Perfect Mobile Push Notification

The biggest reason to focus on mobile notifications is because it will improve UX for anyone using mobile apps - which at this point, is everyone.

64. The Best Way to Optimize Your Notification Logic with Automations

Tailored notifications are essential for a positive user experience. Learn how automation tools make it easy to customize user notifications.

65. How to Implement Dark Mode: 5 Essential Tips to Remember

Here are 5 tips you should keep in mind when implementing dark mode in your apps.

66. What are the Elements of Successful UX Design?

To design a great UI, one must be aware of the concepts of UX design too. It helps the designer adopt an empathetic approach.

67. The 2020 Holiday Shopping Experience: Quick Wins for Improving eCommerce Checkout

With more consumers shopping online this year than ever before, the pandemic has redefined holiday commerce. In 2019, shoppers spent more online in the weeks leading up to Christmas, increasing eCommerce sales by nearly 20 percent over the prior year. This number is expected to surge this year as the pandemic drives most shoppers to stay home. In total, it’s estimated that holiday shoppers will spend nearly $180B online this holiday season, an all-time high.

68. Make Your EdTech Life-Changing by Applying These 5 UX Insights

It's impossible to buid a well-converting edtech product without investing in the LX. Use these 5 insights to make your project life-changing.

69. How to Make UX Exponentially Better

As a business owner, what can be worse than having a visitor leave your site due to an issue you could have eliminated or controlled? Multiple factors hamper user experience, but what about the ones that you can control? Wouldn't it be great to have a simple, intuitive website where users will not find it complex to perform a certain activity or give a thought before proceeding?

70. Usability in Telemedicine: Functionalities to Keep in Mind

The “new normal” lifestyle of these days requires various remote solutions developed with IT technologies. Telemedicine apps are leading the trend.

71. Agile ethics. EthicsOps. Ethics OS. Minimal Ethical Product

72. What Are the 6 Types of Website Accessibility Audits?

An accessibility audit is the process of performing manual and automated tests on your website to find out the improvement areas. There are 6 different types.

73. UX Considerations You Cannot Miss Before Developing Your First Mobile App

An optimized user experience can help turn your visitors into customers. This article will help you make a note of the UX aspects you can't afford to miss.

74. 9 Must-Know UX Design Tips for Developers

How can a developer make UX an integral part of the development cycle? Read 9 Must-Know UX Design Tips for Developers.

75. The Evolution of UX Personas: From Qualitative to Data-Driven Profiles

The evolution of UX personas: From qualitative to data-driven profiles.

76. UX Prototype: NFL Standings Table

I’m one of an estimated 49% to 70% of Americans who counts themselves a fan of the NFL. I’m sure they’re busy preparing for the upcoming 2018 season. Engaging ~200 million US fans can’t be easy.

77. Top UI/UX Practices to Help Your Mobile Application Retain Users

This article takes a deep dive into the top UI/UX practices that will help your mobile app succeed in App and Play stores.

78. Some of the Most Common UX/UI Mistakes

The software market is suffocated with new mobile and web apps monthly. That’s why the focus has moved on ensuring a client-centered and visible UI/UX design.

79. Empathy Map, Personas and Mobile Ethnography Research

Empathy map, personas and mobile ethnography research for UX Designers.

80. Red Light! Green Light! Stop Hurting Your Users!

Color is one of the most important tools for creating user interfaces that don't suck, so stop doing it wrong.

81. Adding Light and Dark Modes, with a Toggle Switch, to Your Website

I've recently rebranded and redesigned the look and feel of my website. As a part of that redesign, I've implemented both a light and a dark theme. Here's how.

82. How to Define User Behavior Using Methods Like Grouping, 2x2 Matrix, and Venn Diagram.

How to define user behaviour using methods like Grouping, 2x2 Matrix, and Venn Diagram.

83. Preference Management for Notifications for Product Managers

In this article, we’ll cover what notification preferences are and which ones you should include in your app. Read tips for advanced options you could build.

84. Seven Deadly Sins You Can Make in Mobile App Design

There are too many examples when an app brings more annoyance than value. We’ve picked four of them and figured out the design sins they committed.

85. Improving User Experience And Growing Leads By Building Forms Properly

Learn how to leverage form tools and make your website more user friendly

86. 5 Quick Hacks for High Converting Landing Pages

I’ve seen quite some landing pages come by on indiehackers.com by now and I noticed that I wanted to give/gave the same tips multiple times. So I thought it would be nice to write a small article about this. These are just tips from my point of view and things I like about a landing page personally.

87. The 11 Rules of UX Writing To Put the User First

Writing for the user experience (UX) is the activity of creating text or content that is read by customers and that appears inside the design of digital goods. UX writing assists customers in understanding how to use and interact with software products, such as websites, desktop and mobile applications, games, etc. The basic purpose of user experience (UX) writing is to assist users through completing activities in any digital product. For want of a better term, user experience writers are interaction designers.

88. 5 Common UX Myths That You Should Know

89. How User Experience Is Crucial for Mass Adoption of Blockchain Technology

User experience, or UX, refers to how easily users interact with a product or service. In blockchain technology, a positive user experience can be critical for its adoption because it can determine how readily people are willing to use the technology.

90. How Facebook Changed Their Homepage Every Year for the Last 17 Years

2004 Feb 12. TheFacebook.com

91. Debunking 5 Common UX Design Myths

There have been a number of misconceptions and myths about UX. And these things lead to inaccurate assumptions which affect design and usability choices.

92. WordPress Editor's Onboarding Flow for Writers

Ran into WordPress's onboarding flow for new writers today... Here's the eight slides they prioritize.

93. How to Use Story Mapping to Define MVP Requirements and Align Teams

Over the course of my career, I have had the pleasure of building multiple products from scratch, and have collected some strategies that help the process of building a new product and lead to a highly productive and streamlined experience for all stakeholders involved. Story mapping is one of those.

94. A Brief History in Authentication

Photo Credits: Edward Tin

95. Different Ways to Use Card Sorting

Card sorting isn't only useful for information architecture. Ancient Greeks provided the foundation for this method, which is nowadays used in different fields.

96. How to Lead Free, Remote Usability Tests in 4 Simple Steps

Are you intimidated by usability testing? Don’t know where to start? Feel like it’s too time consuming or expensive? Usability testing doesn’t need to be a fully-fledged psych experiment with a formal lab, big team, and lots of time and money. In the real world, it can (and often should) be much lighter and faster than that.

97. UX Research Methods: How to Uncover Valuable Insight about your Users

Over the years, I've found a collection of highly-efficient UX research methods that I rely on when I have little time or money.

98. UX Takeaways From An Indian Food Delivery App That Serves 1.4 Million Orders Everyday

“Good design is actually a lot harder to notice than poor design, in part because good designs fit our needs so well that the design is invisible,” ― Don Norman

99. Leave The Demographics Out of Your Design User Personas

User personas can be problematic. Is there a way to turn them into a useful resource? Update them regularly, involve your team in the creation process and more.

100. The Importance of Testing For Accessibility and Tool Recommendations

Accessibility Testing is gaining popularity as devs becoming more concerned about the accessibility of their products and services. Learn some basics and tools.

101. JSWorld Conference 2022: Part III

JSWorld Conference is the number one JavaScript Conference in the world, and I share a summary of all the talks with you. Part III

102. Fundamentals of User Onboarding in Product Marketing

User onboarding is the process of introducing new users to a product and helping them understand how to use it effectively.

Just some of the things that could be easily fixed to make the Google Cloud Platform and Workspace easier to use.

104. Bad Idea Or Bad Luck: I Want To Know Your Opinion

This is a true story of something I witnessed a couple of years ago during my early days in tech. Was it a bad idea? A bad execution? or just an unlucky day?

105. Keeping Our Ducks Aligned With Slack

A lot of remote teams start using Slack as a watering hole for getting everyone together to discuss what's going on and what'll happen next. Having all of these discussions happening in the #general channel is way too noisy. So teams start creating a bunch of random channels devoted to a specific purpose. Here are some of the channels we have at Hacker Noon.

106. "We Only Have One Planet" - Samuel Gregory, 2020 Noonie for User Experience

At Hacker Noon, we try to recognize our best and brightest contributors through our annual Noonie awards. One such impressive writer is Samuel Gregory from the United Kingdom. Samuel is a 2020 Noonie nominee in the Back to the Internet category.

107. How to Improve UX for E-Commerce Rewards Platforms

Rewards programs are centered around one unifying factor: customer satisfaction. Here is how to design your program to meet that requirement with ease.

108. 5 Critical Metrics to Track Your Website' Health

Do you know what metrics you should track to see how well your website is performing? Read this post to learn what you should monitor.

109. The Era of Opinionated Productivity Software: Superhuman, Roam, What’s Next?

Productivity software is indispensable for all of us. Dedicated tools for creating spreadsheets, writing down notes, managing our to-dos etc. ensure that we are productive in our professions. Incumbent vendors (e.g. Microsoft, Google) have dominated this space for many years — yet, there is a chance for new players to enter the stage. New challengers such as the E-Mail client Superhuman or the note-taking tool Roam Research can compete by developing highly opinionated products which deliberately omit flexibility. Instead, the software is stringently crafted around a very particular way of approaching a process, which is inherently seen as superior by the firm.

110. The Mythical Privacy in the Age of Bitcoin - And What We're Doing About It

Bitcoin is an extension of ourselves, it’s our money — the people’s money. We can choose to transact with whomever, wherever, whenever, and for whatever we want — because Bitcoin does not discriminate.

111. How To Run Digital Workshops on Figma

How I used Figma to run a comprehensive workshop with my team. Here are my thoughts on what works, what doesn’t, and how to go about building the remote workshop tools of the future.

112. Product, Marketing, and the Art of Managing Expectations

113. First-Hand Experience of Applying Nielsen's Usability Heuritics in Design

Normal Nielsen's 10 heuristics can be abstract and hard to apply. Here is how we applied the “Match Between System and the Real World” principle.

114. Lessons in Addictive Product Design, Sourced while Surfing

Have you ever high-fived the universe? If not, let me introduce you to surfing.

115. Secrets Of The Design Process You Wish You Knew Before

The UX industry puts a lot of emphasis on processes. But is that the best way to think fundamentally about design?

116. If I Could Create Worlds…

I’m Mark Nadal & I want to tell you stories of an awe-inspiring future.

117. Using Interaction Techniques in UX to Influence The Design Of Your Project

A Click Is Still a Click — Interaction Techniques in UX. How different interaction types influence user experience.

118. What Does It Take To Create An Effective UX?

The main criteria that really matter in UX are whether it fixes your users’ problems. Here are the three most important points of view in efficient UX.

119. Does Your Product Keep its Promise?

The JTBD framework introduced me to the idea that customers don’t “buy” products. Instead they “hire” products or services to help them overcome an obstacle and better their lives. Products that deliver on this promise of upgrading the customers’ lives are loved whereas the ones failing to do so are dumped.

120. How to Hire the UX Designer in 2021

We continue to share the internal processes of Overgear. This time we talked with CEO Tony Doronin who takes part in the recruiting process.

121. How To Recruit, Train, and Retain Skilled UX Designers

A “ready” UX designer is a rare encounter in the wild. Designers usually do know how to make things pretty – but when it comes to the product logic and interactions design, few feel at ease. The inevitable solution is to hire people with a relevant background and upgrade them to real UXers:  host lectures, give homework, provide practice opportunities.

122. ZKPs or Zero Knowledge Proofs Are Evolving Blockchains [Explained in non-technical terms]

ZKP can be used for much more than just privacy. ZKPs are so versatile that it may redefine how blockchains work.

123. UX For Startup Founders: How to Grow Faster With Less Marketing Spend

Are your sales coming too slowly? Maybe you’re spending some money on Marketing, just to realize that you are not getting a return on your investment… Ugh, that feeling of powerlessness is painful. Right?

124. Five Job Interview Questions for hiring a UX Designer

By Adam Fard, founder of adamfard.com a UX Design Agency

125. Improving SaaS activation rates, step by step tutorial. 42% to 76%!

A few months after launching my SaaS I realised I have a problem.

126. 4 Ways To Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Are you looking for a way to secure more sales and build customer loyalty? If so, you’re in the right place.

127. How To Improve Your Signup Flows

Login and signup processes are one of the most underrated tasks when building and upgrading a website or platform... or multiple ones. However, on this kind of development tasks, implications go far beyond asking for an email and a password: security issues, user experience, customer profiling, different tech stacks compatibility and adaptation...

128. ReactJS Pagination Tutorial: Building from Scratch

Create pagination component from scratch in ReactJS. Pagination component are of two types, one loads items vertically and one display items with page numbers

129. Page Experience: What Website Owners Need to Know for 2021

Google announces the roll out of page speed experience as part of their ranking factor. Here's how webmasters can test their sites.

130. The Instagram of Trust: How to Redesign the Architecture of Trust in Products

131. Minimum Usable Product

132. How I Copied My Favorite SaaS Landing Page 👀

I've got some bad news...

133. I Built An Online Subscription Tracker App in Coda—Here's The Template

Simple app to manage your online subscriptions in one place.

134. On Designing for Accessibility and Usability During a Pandemic

The social restrictions of the pandemic have made the job of website and app developers—and user experience (UX) designers—a lot more difficult.

135. Do You Have to Code to Be in Tech?

Software Development is a route that’s proved to be very popular in the last couple of years in tech. From HTML & CSS webinars to Ruby on Rails meet ups, you can’t escape the hype. But what if coding isn’t for you? What if you want to solve problems in Tech without writing code, is there a career out there for you?

136. Make it Sticky, then Acquire: 4 Pricing Lessons From My First 0-100 Users

In an ideal world, the goal of any business starting up is to make money. In most cases, the profitability of a product is closely tied to how you as a product manager choose to price your product. Apart from building a product that provides real value to its customers, profitable monetization is the second most important aspect of running a successful business.

137. Learning UX/UI: Developers and Designers

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Uxcel, an app that teaches you UX/UI. It looked really clean, so I decided to give it a go.

138. Building an Internet for All

The idea that the internet reached 4.5B people in 2019 is insane. According to internetworldstats.com, 58.8% of the world population is online. But how much of the internet is actually for everyone? A study from Perrill (formerly first scribe), shows that only 1% of websites and web apps are ADA compliant. Investing in UI/UX is a great deal for anybody building a website/app, but always think of all users, not just the majority of users.

139. 5 Fun Ways Designers Can Help Product Teams Be More User-centric

Product designers and researchers are the voices of the users. Check out the 5 fun and inclusive ways to help product teams build more user empathy.

We love creating artworks. We've been doing it since the early ages be it the cave paintings in Altamira or Ajanta, we have an innate desire to express and depict the world as we see it. Illustrations, on the other hand, are more than just expressions, they serve as a way to communicate to a much larger audience using a familiar visual language. In a digital age, illustrations are a powerful tool to visually express a piece of text, to empathize with the user, to simplify complex processes and even to bring delight.

141. Stop “Running” your Design Sprints: Prioritizing Results Over Process

5 tips on how to run result-focused design sprints from a designer at Meta & Google. Take your design sprints to another level.

142. How Instagram's Homepage has Changed Over the Past 10 Years

Instagram or Insta is one of the world’s most used photo and video sharing social networks. It is owned by Facebook and was launched in 2010 on iOS and the Android version was launched two years later along with a trimmed down desktop version. Today, let us see how the homepage of Instagram has evolved over the years.

143. Seven UX Lessons from Apple's Big Sur Update

The largest tech company in the world recently launched new software.

144. Add Depth to Your Web Design Using CSS Shadow Generators

145. UX and Literacy Issues Are Keeping Most Potential Investors Away from #DeFi

The world of DeFi is destined for a boom. But can it really generate adoption in the hundreds of millions with current UX and literacy issues?

146. Portals are lit 🔥

Recently I was introduced to Reacts' createPortal API, which was nothing short of amazing.

147. Creating and Selling NFTs on OpenSea (UX Case Study)

A UX case study on OpenSea—analysing the experience of creating and selling NFTs.

148. Through a browser, darkly

Exposing dark patterns in digital publishing

149. UX Portfolio-Building Tips that Don't Get Old

5 UX portfolio tips from Meta & ex-Google designer. Upgrade your design portfolio and get the job you want.

150. 3 Examples Of Design Applications With Great UX

When it comes to design, it has long been said that simplicity is key. And although I always understood the basis for this saying, I never fully appreciated what it really meant.

151. Best Online Platform Material Design Guidelines for 2021

Image courtesy of Pexels

152. The Complete Guide to Hiring Outstanding UX Designers

By Adam Fard, founder of adamfard.com a UX Design Agency

153. We Ought to Get Better at Recognizing Dark Patterns

Companies advertising online have developed a series of unethical practices that some describe as Dark Patterns, which can mislead consumers on the internet.

154. 8 Chrome Extensions for UI/UX Designers

I have compiled eight chrome extensions to help get the job done faster and more productive.

155. Best Way to Make Your Design Communicate

Visual hierarchy is one of the most important principles behind effective web design. I say this because the goal of a web page is to communicate, and that is essentially the same goal of good visual design.

156. UX Is Not Flows

It's safe to say all products are after the best User Experience.

157. UX Design: 6 Things I Want to Share with My Junior Designer Self

6 tips for new grad and junior UX designers from a Staff Product Designer at Meta and Google.

158. The Tips and Tricks for Building UX in Fintech

When it comes to user convenience, understanding consumer habits is as important as the market your app operates in. The ability to combine simple gestures with user-friendly interface results in a solution that appears simple and comprehensive. Mirroring of the physical actions into digital ones is one of the ways to do it.

159. "Security is a UX Problem, Not a Tech Problem" — Amanda McGlothlin [Interview]

The 2020 #Noonies are here,and they are both much greener and much bigger than last year. Among the 2,000+ deserving humans nominated across 5 categories for over 200 award titles, we discovered Amanda McGlothlin from the United States, who’s has been nominated for a 2020 #Noonie in the Future Heroes and Technology categories. Without further ado, we present to you, our big techy world, from the perspective of Amanda .

160. 4 Templates For Product Owners Looking To Write Great User Stories

The purpose of a user story is to describe the desired functionality of a specific part of the software.

161. Best Practices for Designing a User-Centric Dashboard

The importance of user experience is more emphasized than ever. As a result, the number and variety of dashboard tools is on the rise. These tools are used as an essential piece in any good customer experience strategy.

162. Progressive Enhancement: Basics, Benefits and Web Design Tips

The advancement in technology has given rise to a variety of browsing platforms. It is imperative to ensure proper support to the website for fitting in the browsers. Due to this, progressive enhancement is getting higher popularity among web designers and developers to provide a wide range of browsers accessibility.

163. Slogging About Adam Neumann, Robinhood IPO Access, and What's Next in FinTech UX?

Slogging #only-at-hackernoon: we discuss Adam Neumann shoelss in NYC, Robinhood's IPO play play and what makes good UX in Fintech?

164. An Introduction to Design Thinking

Some of the most common approaches to solve a problem are situational or context-specific. For example, in the field of structural engineering, most of the challenges are solved by applying time tested rules in the field of civil engineering. For a problem that is considered less severe, a common approach is a trial by error. Mission-critical requirements and issues are solved by using a well-defined set of steps and strategies. The first reaction to solve any problem is to compartmentalize the problem into something which was solved earlier. The mind likes the comfort of the known after all. This is our primordial nature. These approaches have served us since time immemorial and will continue to do so. A common thread running through all these problems is they are well known, and they have been faced before plus they are well documented

165. The Absolute Basics of Website UX

The set of behaviors visitors to a site exhibit constitute the UX. Based on this, design teams create products and sites that provide a meaningful user experience.

166. How to Create the Perfect UX Portfolio

Quite often, beginning designers contact me on Instagram asking:

167. Everything You Need to Know About Canceled Transactions – and How They Break Dapp UX

Is your Dapp displaying incorrect information to users? It probably is — through no fault of your own.

168. "Do You Think You Know What it Takes to Tell The User It's Their Birthday?"

169. UX Design 101: Understanding User Flows and How to Create Them

The ability to create and think in user flows is one of the most important skills in a UX designer's toolkit.

170. Users Make Decisions Based on Predictable Subconscious Patterns

We like to apply labels to users: they’re irrational, lazy, unpredictable, rushed, and so on.

171. Your Complete Guide to Meaningful User Research—Without Interviews

First, we need to talk about user research conducted with interviews.

172. 7 Key Points To Improve UX Design

These are 7 crucial key points to improve the UX design of your digital product. To improve UX, you need to know what the “weak spots” of the interface are.

173. IOT Product Management: 4 Critical Success Factors

It's been over 6 months since I joined KritiLabs. The learning that I have had been very steep and intense, considering its a career shift for me from a services based pre-sales to a product based pre-sales and product management.

174. How to Prepare for Usability Testing - Part 2

How do you know if your users understand the interface of your product, or if it's easy for them to achieve desired tasks? Usability testing is the answer.

175. A Beginner's Guide to The CSS Grid System

A lot of newbies to web development, don’t get it from the first time working with CSS grid. And that is the reason why I decided to write this article, besides that, I also want to give a brief intro to CSS grid and try to explain to people who are new to CSS, how to work with this amazing feature in the simplest way possible.

176. Like the Internet, Blockchain Needs Inclusion to Spread

"I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air. Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity."

177. How Amazonian Thinking Turned Me Into a Remote Work Optimist

How Amazonian thinking and communication tools are turning me into a remote work optimist.

178. The Role of Microinteractions in Improving User Experience

It's always said that the little things make more significant differences! The case with user experience is also not different. Every user comes across with microinteractions in our daily lives in some form or the other. It may be in the form of time on the phone's alarm to notifications for new emails in your inbox!

179. Hybrid or Native? The Inconclusive Debate

Every Computer Science major has had this debate with their mates. Usually, such conversations constitute both Native and Hybrid app developers bringing very strong points on the table, until all of them just give up on convincing the other, and just go ahead with the app development themselves.

180. How to Use Microinteractions to Enhance UX and User Engagement

They may say, "The harder the journey, the better the destination." But, you don't want to lose another user just because the UX of your application is giving them a hard time. Maybe focussing on the journey is more important. That is why it is also said that the journey is more important than the destination. The more eventful and detailed your UX journey is, the more the number of users will start using your product.

181. How to Prepare for a Product Manager Interview [Part 3-From Zero to Product Manager]

This article is Part 3 of the ongoing series From Zero to Product Manager. A set of articles that help you transition to a Product Management role. In this post, I provide tips to look for jobs and prepare for your interview.

182. The Importance of Focusing on User Experience

10 years. For 10 years I have been working with data. I still remember those first days when we didn’t even have that much data to work with, then Google Analytics came in and changed the way we track users. I remember the rise of apps and the attribution tools that followed to help us understand how the user found us. Compared to 10 years ago, we have become even more clueless about our users, and the worst part is that we still make decisions based on emotions – despite having so much data to support us.

183. Ecommerce UI/UX Conversion Audit: Decisions That Helps Andamen to Win More Customers

184. Human Centred API Design: What Is It?

As a developer, I make APIs for another system to consume so that multiple systems can talk to each other. Where is this design thingy coming from? Isn't design for UI? How is this applicable when building APIs? And what would be the benefits? I assume these would be some of the questions when looking at the title of this post.

185. iOS 14 features Every Developer Must Know

Apple unveiled the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 14, at the WWDC keynote in June 2020.

186. The Evolution of The Web as We Know It

Website layouts change all the time, and there are more ways than ever to style a layout, with many frameworks available to help simplify the code, whilst keeping sites looking fancy.

187. As a Product Manager, You Need to Unlearn Your Product Every Day

Product Managers (PM) are responsible for the growth of the product from the very first day. If the product succeeds, the whole product team gets the credit but if it fails, the PM takes complete responsibility for its failure. In this drive to make their product successful, PMs need to spend a lot of time with their product to make it simple and valuable for their users.

188. How to Get Your First UX/UI Design Job

I want to share some alternatives to finding jobs that you can use if you are currently looking for a job as a junior designer.

Design development doesn’t begin with a designer sketching anymore. It begins with understanding - step-by-step - how your users will navigate your app.

190. 6 Powerful Tools to Help You Monitor Your Website Performance

In a world that’s set to continue its transition online, optimizing your company’s website has never been more vital.

191. User Experience Vs Customer Experience: Are They the Same?

The rise of customer-centricity has led to the emergence of several novel concepts in the field of marketing. Interestingly, the hottest ones seem to have the word “experience” in them, with user experience and customer experience being the most familiar examples. In the era when customers often engage with the service through a website or an app, the line between UX and CX is understandably blurry. However, while certainly related and mutually dependent, they still require somewhat different approaches and sets of tools.

192. Tadeas Adamjak from UXtweak Talks About How to "Make Your Websites Better"

UXtweak is user experience (UX) research platform providing tools for usability testing, IA research and behavior analysis. Read its origin story and more!

193. Miro and Zoom are Winning (and 5 More Takeaways from 2020's UX Tools Survey)

Over 4,000 designers responded to Taylor Palmer's annual UX Tools survey. Here are some takeaways from the results.

194. Increase Your Conversions with these Pricing Models

There are many pricing models that you can use to increase your conversions, here is a list of 5 pricing models you should be using.

195. 16 Places to Find Illustrations for Your Projects 📚🎨

16 sites that offer free illustrations

196. UX For Kids: The Main Principles

To create a quality solution, it is essential to first understand how a child's mind works and how it differs from "adult" logic before designing anything,

197. Improving Design Handoffs: A Guide

To build an awesome and successful digital product you need to do a lot of things. Such as planning, market research, build a prototype, design it, code it, ship it etc. For this whole process, you need to go through lots of handoffs and team communications. One of the more painful handoffs is the Design-to-Development Handoff.

198. Why I Love Beat Saber’s VR Interface

For the last couple of weeks, users have been praising the game’s new multiplayer feature. Me, I can’t stop looking at the gorgeous interface.

199. What it Takes to Build a Really Great Search Engine

Building a successful search takes more than technical smarts, but if done right is one of the most rewarding products you could work on.

200. User Segmentation: Do’s and Dont’s

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what you should do and shouldn’t when it comes to user segmentation.

201. UX Design vs. Web Design: 5 Differences and 5 Similarities

Web design and UX design seem to be synonymous. While each design process and body of knowledge does share overlap with the other, they also differ in specific ways. This article will break down what web design and UX design are, five similarities and five differences between the two, and which is better for an agency, depending on the business case.

202. Why You Should Use Web Design 3.0 In 2021

Web design is an essential part of our life. We have watched what is taking place in the web design world since 2000.  There is drastic evolution in the web design process; millions of web pages are designed with active participation. You might have noticed differences in the average website these days. Some changes have been measured during the last years; the change occurring is known as web 3.0, a new web design era.

203. 5 Tips to Improve Your Website's UX

UX design is the key to battling a growing number of competitors in a post-covid e-commerce environment. Here are 5 strategies for ultimate success.

204. The Evolution of Our Tech Stack: Lessons, Optimizations, And Outlooks

How to build a tech stack if you run an early-stage startup.

205. Top 10 UX Design Principles to Use with Visually-Appealing Websites

UX design principles help build durable solutions through new design patterns, interaction models, and standards.

206. How to Lose Developers and Alienate Users: 5 Ways Not to Write Docs

I recently joined Jina AI, a startup focusing on neural search. One of the things that got me interested was their documentation — while not perfect, it’s straightforward, practical and easy-to-read. I wish that were just as true of every tech product out there.

207. How to Better Build for Accessibility and Inclusion in UX Decisions

In a nutshell, accessibility in user experience gauges whether users with various abilities can easily interact with the product or service.

208. The Main Principle of Designing Interactive Environments

What interactivity means and why you need it to make immersive products. We’ll also cover what constitutes immersion, and why “user” is an objectifying term.

The purpose of every product is to be fully functional without forcing users to invest too much time and energy in the process. This is exactly why UX and agile methodologies play such an important role in the 21st century business – everybody wants to design a product that maximizes functionality while minimizing consumers’ efforts.

210. Design Battle: Visual Design vs Functional Design

Sometimes, designers get confused on which design styles to apply to their work. It all depends on what the work is for and who the target audience is.

211. Integrating STACS with Project Ubin V - A Client-First Approach to Technical Design

Event-Driven Architecture with Real-time UI

212. How To Plan Your Next Website Redesign

Learn how to plan and execute a website redesign, whether you use a CMS like Drupal or you build a site from scratch.

213. How To Pick The Right Stock Photo For Your Next Design Project

We all love beautiful pictures

214. Copywriting For A New Client [Case Study]

While I was talking with Vitor Amaral, creator of UpStamps, I was inspired by the design he uses for his homepage. It’s a clean homepage with awesome vectors that animate(!). Reading through the copy I noticed some things that could be improved which would increase his conversion. So let’s start!

215. How to Reduce Future Product Risk in the Early Design Phase

If you are constructing a building, a blueprint of the building is mandatory before laying the foundation. It forms the basis for estimating the resources required, the number of construction workers, the time it will take to complete the construction and a direction that will guide the civil engineers. The same methodology also applies to digital products.

216. Advancing Online Education in Singapore: A Northell Case Study

Modern education is becoming more and more digitized: while even ten years ago notebooks and printed materials were necessary for studying, all you need today is alaptop and an Internet connection. Various classroom management systems are now used for the education of all levels, from primary schools to corporate training. It is a sure way to make the learning process more efficient —  for example, taking quizzes and tests online helps automate grading and provide immediate access to the student’s performance.

217. How to Run Successful Online Focus Groups: A 101 for WFH Beginners

What is an Online Focus Group?

218. How Does User Experience Leave A Footprint On Your Business?

Everything boils down to customer experience today. Whether it is a mobile application or a website, there is absolutely no way you can turn a blind eye to UX and UI.

219. Is iOS 16 Really Worth Getting?

Apple has its own way of gaining eyeballs, and this time it's the beta release of iOS 16. While the recently launched iOS version is gaining all the attention, reactions are mixed, with some still wondering whether iOS 16 is worth getting or not. To address the same, I wanted to share an in-depth analysis of newly introduced features and usability.

220. Product 'Longtermism' and the Danger it May Bring

There are no guarantees the future will hold the same values as us, so what right do we have to encode ours upon them?

221. One Idea Can Change Everything: Learning To Strategically Shift Your Perspective

This is the story about how an abstract game theory model lead to a revolution in transplantology and thousands of lives saved.

222. Explore the Psychological Principles of UX Design

UX analytics is crucial for developing your product. It provides necessary business information about how exactly your customers use the released application.

223. What Is The Straight-ahead Triangle And How It Can Be Used In Web Design

“Straight-ahead” jazz revolutionized mid-century American culture with a relentlessly fresh and forward-thinking approach to bebop,

224. What Is Heuristic Evaluation and Why Do You Need It: Template Provided

What is heuristic evaluation exactly and does your product really need it? Let’s find out.

225. Glossary: Design Systems Defined for Developers and Designers

Design systems are interdisciplinary by nature. They are built and consumed by designers and developers, therefore it is important for common terminologies to exist to support the communication between these two disciplines and other related actors.

226. Making a Product Design Great for Business [A How To Guide]

In the first seconds of use, one application might seem more convenient because it’s easy to navigate and zoom, as well as to satisfy the user’s needs and solve their problem quickly. While comparing to another application that might look fancy and colorful but at the same time will confuse or even worse — distract the user. And of course, it will bring zero-value to them.

227. A Critical UX Review of Trello's New Features

Trello recently launched new features and a business version. This could only mean one thing. It's time for a design review.

228. Basic Web Design Principles to make Your Websites Pop

Five pillars of web design

The best logos come across as simple and effortless. This is a difficult concept to wrap your head around when creating your first logo. In fact the number one issue I have had with most of my clients is their urge to overdo the design. Look at the logos of the world’s most successful brands like Nike, Twitter, or Apple. They are extremely simple and recognizable which is why I spend a good part of my time stressing this point to my clients.

230. Lets Talk About Intuition in UX

You don’t have to work in the design industry for very long to come across the word intuitive.

231. How to Set Up UX Workshops for Product Design, Discovery, Prioritization, and Feedback

User experience workshops are a crucial phase of a well-thought-out product. There is a wide variety of cases where such workshops can help solve pressing problems, critical for a project's success. They can range from tackling intricate design or UX issues to receiving constructive feedback on your designs.

232. Wave Accounting's Bill Upload Feature - An Unsolicited Design

How I designed a suggestion for bill upload feature for Wave accounting software that solves UX issues of inefficiency, less accuracy, and file storage limits.

233. User Research As A Team Sport: How To Include Everybody in Your Process

This article is about my experience conducting two kinds of user research: generative studies, and evaluative studies⁠—and how, regardless of the methodology you choose to carry out the critical process of understanding your users, you should be involving the whole team in your efforts.

234. 5 Principles of UX Design Psychology: How to Predict Your Users' Behavior

Learn how to design applications that people will enjoy using with the help of the 5 principles of UX design psychology.

235. WTF is Mixed Methods Research?

What is mixed methods research? A definition and examples of the fastest growing area of user research.

236. Launching Your UX Career with Joe Natoli

Joe Natoli is a UX consultant, author and speaker. Everything he does is born from nearly three decades of consulting

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