221 Stories To Learn About User Experience

22 Feb 2024

Let's learn about User Experience via these 221 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

You are only as good as your website's bounce rate.

1. The Seven Virtues of the Most Successful Chief Product Officers

Chief product officer is becoming one of the tech world’s most influential positions. According to our recent study, almost a quarter of product teams now report into a chief product officer (CPO), up from only 7% last year. 11-billion-dollar unicorn Okta poached a longtime Google executive to be its new CPO; Disney hired a Goldman exec as VP of product to guide its newest streaming offering; and Tinder nabbed a Facebook veteran to guide its rapidly expanding dating app. One of the world’s most powerful products, Facebook itself, lost its CPO Chris Cox earlier this year and the heads of its main products will now be reporting directly to Zuck himself.

2. Speed up your site with a little machine learning

I spend roughly 73% of my life thinking about web performance — hitting that sweet 60FPS on slow phones, loading my assets in the perfect order, offline-caching everything I can. Other examples.

3. 6 Reasons Why No-Code Platforms are the Future Of Software Development

The next generation of no-code platforms will be a key force in transforming everything about software development.

4. 18 Awesome Linux Themes For Your Inspiration 🎨😍

5. UX vs UI vs CX: What’s the Difference?

You might have heard user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and customer experience (CX) being used interchangeably. Even some of the most seasoned and professional marketers and designers confuse these terms.

6. Different Ways to Use Card Sorting

Card sorting isn't only useful for information architecture. Ancient Greeks provided the foundation for this method, which is nowadays used in different fields.

7. How PMs Can Build a Great Product Notification Experience

After reading this article, you’ll have the confidence and the tools to set up a notification system that delights and doesn’t annoy.

8. Secure Rendering: A New Browser Standard for User Privacy

I've been having conversations with some browser vendors about improving security for both users and enterprises. This article is an attempt to quickly summarize the why and what and aid in the guide of developing such a standard.

9. 8 UX Writing Resources to Help You Master the Art of Microcopy

UX really isn’t a one-angle solution. You may be a product manager or copywriter, either way - your microcopy needs to be on point.

10. I used my iPad as my Interim Dev Machine while my Mac was down and my Reaction was - "Wow"

11. Will Uber do a YouTube?

While disruptive services and online availability of service providers are increasingly gaining control over the market, collecting user feedback is also becoming essential. While serving more customers simultaneously has become easier, it is obvious that the quality of services offered is the primary aspect of service evaluation. And the reviews play a big role in deciding it.

12. A Designer and a Nordic Guy Walk into a Hall

The Divine Alchemy of Mastery in Digital Design

13. The Best ChatGPT Prompts For Content Strategy and Creation

An effective guide on ChatGPT prompts to help people use ChatGPT better

14. 5 Insights on Font Psychology That'll Enhance Your UX Design

If you're a UX designer, you know that fonts are one of the most important aspects of UX design. Font choice can make or break an otherwise perfect UX design.

15. Skyrocket your SaaS Retention by Applying Addictive Game UX [A How To Guide]

Even if you’re not a gamer, you’ve probably heard of games like Flappy Bird, Fortnite, PUBG and Candy Crush. With user counts in the tens and hundreds of millions and some grossing over a $100 million in monthly revenue, there’s a lot for companies to learn from the gaming world. Gamers spend an average of an hour and 13 minutes day on video games – imagine if your customers spent that amount of time on your SaaS product every day.

16. UX For Startup Founders: How to Grow Faster With Less Marketing Spend

Are your sales coming too slowly? Maybe you’re spending some money on Marketing, just to realize that you are not getting a return on your investment… Ugh, that feeling of powerlessness is painful. Right?

17. Why a Future-Proofed Multichannel Notification System is Important

A future-proof multichannel notifications strategy helps PMs stay in touch with their users without coming off as intrusive, non-responsive, or antiquated.

18. What is the Difference Between Web Apps, Native Apps, Hybrid Apps and Progressive Web Apps?

What’s the difference between Web Apps, Native Apps, Progressive Web Apps and what the hell are Hybrid Apps? In this article, we will discuss what each of these is and how you can build the SaaS app or platform of your dreams.

19. How to Become a UI Developer

After sharing my post describing what a UI Developer is, I got some requests to write another post specifically about how to get a UI Developer job. It's certainly not an obvious path. My first job out of college was working for my alma mater in the Art Department media lab, during which time all I knew was that I wanted to transition into web development.

20. 10 UI Elements Web Developers Should Know About

For web developers, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of UI elements and how users interact with them. UI elements lay at the heart of web development and act as a common design language between web developers.

21. 5 Fun Ways Designers Can Help Product Teams Be More User-centric

Product designers and researchers are the voices of the users. Check out the 5 fun and inclusive ways to help product teams build more user empathy.

The introduction of deep machine learning capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI), and decentralization are all part of the building blocks...

23. Tech For All: How To Improve App Accessibility For People With Disabilities

For brands, app development is a way to get closer to their users. But do they think about digital accessibility of people with disabilities? Let's find out!

24. A Brief Guide to the Laws of UX for Product Managers

The Laws of UX categorized under heuristics help us understand the cognitive and behavioral ways that humans generally interact with products. Let’s delve in!

25. Pros and Cons of QuickBooks -Business Accounting Software

QuickBooks is a great software suite for small businesses. It provides them the flexibility of working even when their accountants are away.

26. Going Beyond Word Clouds: Using Thematic Clustering to Understand Your Customers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is too far evolved to still be relying on basic, word cloud analysis for your survey data

27. Fundamentals of User Onboarding in Product Marketing

User onboarding is the process of introducing new users to a product and helping them understand how to use it effectively.

28. Red Light! Green Light! Stop Hurting Your Users!

Color is one of the most important tools for creating user interfaces that don't suck, so stop doing it wrong.

29. Top Skills You Need to Become a Metaverse Developer

To be a successful metaverse developer, you have to be conversant with all the prospective skills of the Metaverse accompanying the development fluency.

30. Feel the Release

Technology performing at human speed is no longer an option.

31. Become a UX Wizard With These Simple Tips for Beginner Designers

Taking the first step towards something new is never easy.

32. Designing a Social Media News Feed System

Social media newsfeeds must be generated in near real-time based on the feed activity from the people that a user follows.

33. Seamless UI and UX Development Allows for Product-led Growth

Walnut allows SaaS companies to demonstrate their products in a brilliant way.

34. Progressive Delivery, Feature Flags, and Experiments: The Story of a New Dashboard

We’re excited to announce the availability of a new, first-of-its-kind Features Dashboard in Bugsnag.

35. How Color Psychology Impacts Branding

While there is still much research to be done, color psychology has been used in fields such as marketing and design to help create appealing appealing products

36. How Will User Experience Change in 2023?

Overall, users will expect more honest, human, immersive, and technology-driven CX.

37. Hack Calmer Conversations and Get Reliable Feedback from Users

Communicating with a product's users can be tedious, this article provides some tricks for obtaining useful feedback with calmer conversations.

38. Creating a Personalized Map for Your Website with the Google Maps API

Learn how to create and integrate a personalized map on your website using Google API.

39. Unmet Customer Needs Fuel Innovation: Here’s How to Identify Them

Innovation comes from identifying customer needs and meeting them. It is easy to understand but hard to do. When you start building a new product, you need to m

40. 5 Best Practices for Building Mass-Adoptable Crypto Apps

To be successful, web3 devs need to relentlessly optimize their crypto products, test and retest them, and design them with end user experience in mind.

41. What Web3 Websites Can Learn from Web2 and Its UX

Website user experience is the key to standing out in a crowded web3 ecosystem.

42. Troubleshooting Common Video Game Problems: A Guide for Gamers

In this guide, we'll cover some common video game problems and how to troubleshoot and fix them

43. How to Arrange App Windows Using Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

An Easier Way to organize application windows in macOS using keyboard shortcuts.

44. Celebrating Yagmur Erten: A Look at the Accomplishments of a Trailblazing UX Researcher

Yagmur Erten is a user researcher with a background in behavioral psychology and business management.

45. Managing Collectors on K8 – Why We Chose the OpenTelemetry Collector for Odigos

Without proper implementation and continuous configuration of your collectors, observability tools will be limited at best at best and many times ineffectual.

46. Me, You, and Us in Software

It shows me that #OwnYourData is not just about privacy or autonomy, but also about the cool cybernetic possibilities of a future we haven't imagined yet.

47. How to Discover User Issues: A Beginners' Guide

First Things First:

48. Think of Your Startup as an Ecosystem

👆Photo by Markus Spiske

49. Decoding Brand Entropy

A brief understanding of brand entropy a disorder your competitor can take advantage of

50. Mobile UI Design: 5 Basic App Screen Types You Must Know About

There are five main app screen types that you should be aware of when you design your UI. These are the most likely to occur and make the strongest impression.

51. Going Beyond "Have You Tried Unplugging It and Plugging It Back In?" Taking IT to the Clouds

In this new era of digital transformation, there isn’t really a good excuse for companies that claim they want to succeed but aren’t willing to invest in employ

52. How to Get Started Using the EyeDropper API with JavaScript

With the new EyeDropper API in Chromium, websites can let visitors pick colors from anywhere on their screen

53. UX Portfolio-Building Tips that Don't Get Old

5 UX portfolio tips from Meta & ex-Google designer. Upgrade your design portfolio and get the job you want.

54. SEO Ranking: Core Web Vitals Explained

SEO is not only determined by how well you write the article. It is also determined by how well you design the website, measured with core web vitals.

55. Creating an Immersive AR Experience: Lessons From a Hackathon

Discover how a team overcame challenges in a FormulaAI hackathon to build a 3D AR experience for sports analysis in this inspiring case study.

56. Writing Engaging User Stories

This article describes a model for writing engaging user stories that can be used to assist with team productivity, product quality, and user experience goals.

Social media trends to watch

58. How I Gather Technical Requirements before Building Systems

Learn about how to gather technical requirements for the systems you build.

59. Excelling In User Support: Think Big, Start Small

Another day at the service desk, the phone is ringing off the hook with calls from anxious customers, incidents are piling up, and inboxes are overflowing. You need to figure out where to start. And then, when you've managed to get settled, a walk-up arrives, asking for help with a password reset. They want to be helped, and they want help now.

60. Cross-selling in eCommerce Matters: A Technical Guide for Upselling Online

Cross-selling and upselling are key areas to focus on with an eCommerce business, and this article will teach you how to implement upselling on your storefront.

61. Where Visuals And Algorithms Collide: How Unrelated Algorithms Produce Intuitive Markings

A nautilus seashell with a perfect spiral is the product of specific DNA that coded for its existence.

62. Survey Tools Testing: Typeform, Survey Planet, and Google Forms [Reviewed]

Client survey is an incredible tool. It can perform a surprising amount of functions, apart from the obvious one of getting user feedback. This includes remarketing, identifying your core audience and reaching out to it, or even subtly announcing upcoming releases.

63. Improving User Experience And Growing Leads By Building Forms Properly

Learn how to leverage form tools and make your website more user friendly

64. Building a Successful Product: Why User Experience Matters

What your customer will remember is how they felt while using the product, not how unique/different it was.

65. Empathy Map, Personas and Mobile Ethnography Research

Empathy map, personas and mobile ethnography research for UX Designers.

66. Using a Product-Led Growth Mindset to Improve User Experience

How changing the development mindset to a product-led-growth one can improve the user experience by focusing the thought process for the team's members.

67. Feature, Not Bug: The Terrible Rationale Behind Web3's Product Design

Let's attempt to look through the rationale behind terrible web3 product design.

68. Nextion + Arduino Multilanguage UI

The Nextion editor does not have full support for string arrays, so I had to think about how to implement language selection and store "language packs" in a con

69. How to Balance User Experience and Business Goals: Expert Ziyun Liang Weighs In

Ziyun Liang is a product designer at The New York Times. She has worked on some of the most innovative projects in the digital world.

70. Taking Advantage of React to Improve User Experience

In this article, we'll discuss some tips on how to create a great user experience with React.

71. Design Your App With the User in Mind

In this blog, I’ll share some ideas to improve interaction design that will help you cut through the noise.

72. Exploring the Utility of the Metaverse

The story of the metaverse has gotten so vague and overwhelming, decision makers may be confused as to why they should care about it. I attempt to explain why.

73. How We Used User Experience Principles To Improve Our Mobile App

Constant improvement is an integral part of app development. Here's a look at how the UX process has influenced improvements to our AI mobile app.

In this article, learn about the current best web design trends to keep your eCommerce website ahead of the competition.

75. Why User Testing is Your Competitive Advantage

Give your users time to explore the UI of your latest product offering so you can gain an understanding of how interaction can be improved.

76. 13 Short Copywriting Lessons That Have Made Me a Better Writer

Sometimes a piece of good advice can be game-changing and bring you a fresh perspective on a matter you have been trying to understand.

77. AWS Chatbot Magic: Building Conversational AI with AWS Services

AWS offers a range of services that can be used for chatbot development and deployment. The steps outlined in this article show you how.

78. Deconstructing React 18

React 18 is a major improvement to React’s rendering mechanisms. It focused on improved performance of user interfaces for a much better experience for the user

"A $706 million market worldwide in 2017 after 10 years of being on the market, the blockchain market has evolved rather slowly. It’s biggest use has thus far been to hide the money of criminals and terrorists."

80. Page Experience: What Website Owners Need to Know for 2021

Google announces the roll out of page speed experience as part of their ranking factor. Here's how webmasters can test their sites.

81. How to Create a High-Performing QR Code Scanner in Flutter

In this article, I will take you on a journey through the process of creating a scanner that is not only functional but also visually stunning.

82. Interstitial Ads: How to Boost Revenue While Maintaining UX

Some publishers have user experience concerns regarding interstitial ads. A new study shows how to implement interstitial ads while still maintaining UX.

83. Deep Dive: Is Maropost a Better Alternative to Shopify?

In the e-commerce realm, Shopify has long dominated as a key player, becoming nearly synonymous with online retail.

84. How Good UX Designers Can Rescue Your Startup

The biggest mistakes startup founders are making and real reasons why compromising on UX is detrimental to the success of your business.

85. Eating Your Own Dogfood Is Just Not Enough

Dogfooding—the disgusting and less than accurate way of suggesting a team use its own product before releasing it to others—is a common way for startups to test their product. If you don't like your own product, who else is going to? It makes a ton of sense, but it's not enough.

86. Multi-Cloud Environment and Hurdles of Incorporating IAM

Understand the aspects of deploying IAM in multi-cloud environments and how businesses can ensure maximum security and privacy while moving to the cloud.

87. How to Improve Conversion Rates by Optimizing Search Intent

When writing for conversions, search intent is an important criterion to tick off. Get to know how to optimize content to align with search intent in this guide

88. Edge Computing and the Metaverse

Edge computing in relation to the metaverse

89. How to Get Voice Chat on Roblox

Roblox is a popular online platform that allows users to create and play games with their friends.

90. Flutter vs. React Native – What to Choose for your UX in 2022

Flutter vs React Native What to Choose for your UX in 2022. React Native is upvoted by 42% of developers and Flutter, by 39%

91. The Overlooked Value of Internal Component Libraries

High-quality design is a justified expense for companies of any size, regardless of the hefty price tag. Internal component libraries, on the other hand, aren’t

92. Debunking 5 Common UX Design Myths

There have been a number of misconceptions and myths about UX. And these things lead to inaccurate assumptions which affect design and usability choices.

93. How Weaviate's GraphQL API was designed

Any kind of data storage architecture needs an API. You want your users, and their applications, to access and interact with their data. And no matter how complicated the database architecture itself is, you want this interaction to happen as intuitively as possible.

94. What Three Features Should Houseparty Launch Next?

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” — Jeff Bezos

95. Web Development and SEO Are Worth More Together!

The present era of the digital marketing industry demands both web development and SEO for results. They worth more together rather than focused separately.

96. Lets Talk About Intuition in UX

You don’t have to work in the design industry for very long to come across the word intuitive.

97. Preference Management for Notifications for Product Managers

In this article, we’ll cover what notification preferences are and which ones you should include in your app. Read tips for advanced options you could build.

98. Building a Slack App with Native SFDC Integration

This post is a continuation of our series based on a video series explaining how to build Slack Apps that integrate with Salesforce APIs.

99. The 11 Rules of UX Writing To Put the User First

Writing for the user experience (UX) is the activity of creating text or content that is read by customers and that appears inside the design of digital goods. UX writing assists customers in understanding how to use and interact with software products, such as websites, desktop and mobile applications, games, etc. The basic purpose of user experience (UX) writing is to assist users through completing activities in any digital product. For want of a better term, user experience writers are interaction designers.

100. Seven Need to Know Principles of Mobile App Design

7 principles of mobile app design that make your app layout easy and helps users to move through the application without having to think.

101. How to Get Early, High Quality and Actionable Insights From User Testing

Easy User Test can produce actionable insights directly from your customers, even on draft copy and initial versions of web content.

102. Why you Should Never Release a Product Without Release Notes

Know how you can start using Notion's release notes as a communication tool to transparently communicate product value with your stakeholders and users.

103. The Best Way to Optimize Your Notification Logic with Automations

Tailored notifications are essential for a positive user experience. Learn how automation tools make it easy to customize user notifications.

104. A Pledge to Better App Notifications by App Developers

There is a direct connection between all the unnecessary notifications you get on your phone and the sub-prime financial crisis of 2008: lack of accountability

105. DAO Philosophy and Business: My Experience With the Joystream DAO

In taoism the balance is summarised in Yin and Yang principles. But what about the DAO, a well-balanced organization which is like a self-evolving organism?

106. Deceptive Perception of User Experience

The article explains the limitations of traditional playtesting surveys and how neuropsychology can help capture accurate user experience data using EEG devices

107. 7 Ways to Optimize User Experience on Your Website

Improve your traffic by focusing on the quality of your user's experiences. The following instructions are the initial stage of that journey.

108. The Importance of Focusing on User Experience

10 years. For 10 years I have been working with data. I still remember those first days when we didn’t even have that much data to work with, then Google Analytics came in and changed the way we track users. I remember the rise of apps and the attribution tools that followed to help us understand how the user found us. Compared to 10 years ago, we have become even more clueless about our users, and the worst part is that we still make decisions based on emotions – despite having so much data to support us.

109. You Need to Unlearn Your Product Every Day as a Product Manager

Product Managers (PM) are responsible for the growth of the product from the very first day. If the product succeeds, the whole product team gets the credit but if it fails, the PM takes complete responsibility for its failure. In this drive to make their product successful, PMs need to spend a lot of time with their product to make it simple and valuable for their users.

110. The Lord of the GIFs: Why We Need a Decentralized Tenor

Do you know that if you publish your gif on tenor.com, it will be featured on gif search everywhere: on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook?

111. Free-up Engineering Time by Empowering Product Managers to Build Push Notifications

In this article, we explain how decoupling notifications from your application’s codebase can help make notification projects less complex for product teams.

112. Industrial Design: Why Do Product Shapes Change Over Time?

A look at how product shapes have been influenced, over time, by consumer experience and revenue.

113. Top 10 UX Design Principles to Use with Visually-Appealing Websites

UX design principles help build durable solutions through new design patterns, interaction models, and standards.

114. My Experience With Dating Apps - Take One

My first experience using various apps to meet people.

115. Web(& Electron) Apps Need To Improve Their User Experience

I’ve been using computers for over 2 decades now. My first PC was a 66 Mhz 486 machine with a 2.4 kbps modem and the web did not even have Google ( We had Altavista ). Since the internet was slow, I spent most of my time with Applications that could be installed on my local machine. Now I spend most of my time on web applications and somehow it feels like we have moved backward rather than moving forward.

116. The Importance of User Experience in Product Differentiation

A good user design helps create an experience that exceeds customers’ expectations and makes sure that your company is always remembered.

117. Comparing AWS vs Digital Ocean From a UX Perspective

While AWS is undoubtedly miles ahead when it comes to the depth of cloud offerings, Digital Ocean does a better job than AWS for a newbie cloud user.

118. Improving the User Experience in Flutter

Improve user experience with feedback from Snack Bars, Progress Indicator, and Alert Dialog Boxes In Flutter.

119. Why Service Desk Is an Essential Component of Collaboration

IT teams must keep up with demand effectively and align business needs with user needs.

120. Top UI/UX Practices to Help Your Mobile Application Retain Users

This article takes a deep dive into the top UI/UX practices that will help your mobile app succeed in App and Play stores.

121. How we Increased Paying Customers by 7x

3 ways we increased conversion from free to paid by 760%

122. UX Considerations You Cannot Miss Before Developing Your First Mobile App

An optimized user experience can help turn your visitors into customers. This article will help you make a note of the UX aspects you can't afford to miss.

123. 6 Easy Steps to Make Animated GIFs for Short Tutorials

Most tutorials nowadays contain many visuals to grab the reader's attention and explain how to better solve different problems. Specifically, I found that GIFs are a very good tool for presenting GUIs. In this article, I will show you how to make animated GIFs that can be used alongside text to create faster and better demos.

124. 5 Reasons Why Your Website's Visitors Do NOT Convert as Much As You'd Like

As all aspects of life continue to evolve fully into the digital age, businesses have come to the realization that owning an online presence is a prerequisite for their brands to remain relevant. However, some businesspersons, while trying to adopt this online approach, they make critical mistakes that backfire on their brands, both online and offline.

125. The Role of Microinteractions in Improving User Experience

It's always said that the little things make more significant differences! The case with user experience is also not different. Every user comes across with microinteractions in our daily lives in some form or the other. It may be in the form of time on the phone's alarm to notifications for new emails in your inbox!

126. 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Gatsby JS for Your Website

Gatsby JS is a static site generator that is used to create high performance websites. Built on top of React, it weaves together some of the better parts of GraphQL, react-router and webpack for a brilliant developer experience. This means a much faster site, taking a lot less time to build! Perfect for users, business and developers.

127. Why Should Websites Adopt Passwordless Authentication?

Brands have started to shift away from the old, password-centric world. While it sounds like a bad idea, there are some benefits to this change to passwords.

128. 5 Common UX Myths That You Should Know

129. Using A/B Testing For Your e-Commerce Business

The basic idea behind an A/B test is to present a change to a small segment of the overall audience, and see how it impacts their behaviour.

130. Three Constraints of the Metaverse

Is the Metaverse going to end up little more than the video chat of the 21st Century, or does this idea, like Meta's most recent avatars, have legs?

131. Creating and Selling NFTs on OpenSea (UX Case Study)

A UX case study on OpenSea—analysing the experience of creating and selling NFTs.

132. UI/UX Errors: Don’t Blame the User, Re-Evaluate Your Design Strategy Instead

The solution is to redesign the product in such a way that it prevents errors from occurring in the first place.

133. "Take More Risks," says Tzafrir Blonder, CEO of UpStay

UpStay is the leading automated premium inventory optimization solution for hotels.

134. What Software Developers and IT Pros should Know about Making the Switch to Identity

A CIAM (consumer identity and access management) helps businesses secure crucial business information and safeguards clients’ personal information.

135. Why do People Abandon Online Shopping Carts?

In order to increase conversions, e-commerce stores should make a point of analyzing their rate of cart abandonment against the benchmarks.

136. How to Improve UX for E-Commerce Rewards Platforms

Rewards programs are centered around one unifying factor: customer satisfaction. Here is how to design your program to meet that requirement with ease.

137. An Introduction to AI-Powered Chatbots

What is the first thing we do when you hear a new brand name? You might start by exploring the official website to get complete details. Gone are the days when the websites used to manually interact with the visitors, things are different now. The moment you open the website, you get the interactive chatbots that welcome you to the site and offer seamless support. Yes, chatbots are the New-Age Customer Support Service!

138. 5 Things I Learned from Google’s New ML-Powered Recorder App

There are tons of audio recording apps in the app store, but you know things will be a bit different if Google developed a brand new one. Google recently released a new ‘Recorder’ app that is powered by its state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithm that can transcribe what it hears with impressive precision in real-time. This is not the first time Google tried to bless its product with some AI ‘superpower’. Some of their prior attempts failed (I’m talking to you Google Clips!) and some had quite formidable success, for example, Google’s Pixel phone camera app.

139. Bad Idea Or Bad Luck: I Want To Know Your Opinion

This is a true story of something I witnessed a couple of years ago during my early days in tech. Was it a bad idea? A bad execution? or just an unlucky day?

140. How to Improve Website Ranking & User Experience with Core Web Vitals

A complete guide to understanding Web core Vitals and improving them to rank your website higher!

[141. Building End-to-End Digital Onboarding Workflows Using

Low-code](https://hackernoon.com/building-end-to-end-digital-onboarding-workflows-with-low-code-solution-2nak3y9x) On average, organizations admit they have identified around three major time wasters inside their companies:

142. The Impact of AI Transformers on the Customer Experience

I have spent the last few weeks understanding the impact of a great revolution in the world of Artificial Intelligence and NLP on the customer experience. Not from a purely technical point of view, but trying to estimate the competitive advantage that this new approach can generate. We are facing yet another disruptive innovation, and it can bring significant advantages, let's try to find out which ones.

143. How To Pick The Right Stock Photo For Your Next Design Project

We all love beautiful pictures

144. 5 Crucial UX/UI Principles for Designing Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

Best Practices for Designing UI/UX of Augmented Reality Applications

145. 10 WordPress Pricing Table Plugins that Rock

In this listicle, I would like to cover the features you need for creating a WordPress pricing table. Read on to know the best WP pricing table plugins.

146. Using sessionStorage API to design a user-friendly Lead Generation Form


147. Blockchain defies a key UX tenet

Foreseeing and preventing user errors is a good and time-honored staple of UX design. Should blockchain defy that?

Just some of the things that could be easily fixed to make the Google Cloud Platform and Workspace easier to use.

149. Notifications That Don’t Suck: React Inbox and React Toast Components

We are excited to announce the availability of Courier’s newest provider, Courier Push! We have released Inbox and Toast; two open-source React components

150. A Critical UX Review of Trello's New Features

Trello recently launched new features and a business version. This could only mean one thing. It's time for a design review.

151. 5 Tips to Improve Your Website's UX

UX design is the key to battling a growing number of competitors in a post-covid e-commerce environment. Here are 5 strategies for ultimate success.

152. Is iOS 16 Really Worth Getting?

Apple has its own way of gaining eyeballs, and this time it's the beta release of iOS 16. While the recently launched iOS version is gaining all the attention, reactions are mixed, with some still wondering whether iOS 16 is worth getting or not. To address the same, I wanted to share an in-depth analysis of newly introduced features and usability.

153. The Craze of On-Demand Apps: What Startups Need to Know

Learn about the types, market size, and latest trends in the world of on-demand apps.

154. As a Product Manager, You Need to Unlearn Your Product Every Day

Product Managers (PM) are responsible for the growth of the product from the very first day. If the product succeeds, the whole product team gets the credit but if it fails, the PM takes complete responsibility for its failure. In this drive to make their product successful, PMs need to spend a lot of time with their product to make it simple and valuable for their users.

155. Improving Accessibility And Inclusion In UX By Understanding Exclusionary Aspects of Design

I stumbled on the topic of accessibility and inclusion while learning user experience (UX) design from MOOCs. At first, I thought it's a reasonably familiar topic but I couldn't have been more wrong.

156. 5 Ways to Personalize Your Website Content in 2022

Giving tailored experiences to the people visiting the company website has become a game-changer. Here are 5 ways to personalize your website content in 2022.

157. Domixity Reaches 99.99% Stability on Android App with Bugsnag

158. Gamification Strategies for Driving User Engagement in Web3 Projects

One way to help your web3 project grow and thrive is by incorporating game mechanics, which are the principles and rules that govern a game.

159. How to Lead Free, Remote Usability Tests in 4 Simple Steps

Are you intimidated by usability testing? Don’t know where to start? Feel like it’s too time consuming or expensive? Usability testing doesn’t need to be a fully-fledged psych experiment with a formal lab, big team, and lots of time and money. In the real world, it can (and often should) be much lighter and faster than that.

160. The PM's Guide to Identifying & Segmenting Product Users

User segmentation or Customer segmentation is key to product discovery. Product Managers build segments before they start working on product development.

161. What Does It Take To Create An Effective UX?

The main criteria that really matter in UX are whether it fixes your users’ problems. Here are the three most important points of view in efficient UX.

162. How to Hire An Offshore UI/UX Team for Your Next Project

Nowadays, businesses just can’t do without relying on the web and various kinds of digital technologies.

163. How to WOW Users With Intuitive UX Design

70% of online businesses fail because of bad usability. The solution to this challenge is an approach known as Intuitive UX Design

164. How Does User Experience Leave A Footprint On Your Business?

Everything boils down to customer experience today. Whether it is a mobile application or a website, there is absolutely no way you can turn a blind eye to UX and UI.

165. A Simple Guide for CSS Animations

Animations are very useful tools to make pages more appealing. I would like to start with what are animations, give some supplementary information, and give some animation syntax examples.

166. 3 Reasons for B2C Enterprises to Implement Single Sign-on Authentication

Single sign-on authentication, or SSO, is becoming more commonplace as the digital revolution continues to evolve. With numerous benefits for customers and companies alike, SSO helps streamline user experience, aid movement between applications and services, and secure the transfer of pertinent information about customers between organizations.

167. Using Interaction Techniques in UX to Influence The Design Of Your Project

A Click Is Still a Click — Interaction Techniques in UX. How different interaction types influence user experience.

168. You Can’t Be a Good Web3 Designer Without Real Interest in Web3

My name is Andrii Bondar. I'm a product designer working on the zkSync project, a layer 2 solution for scaling the Ethereum blockchain.

169. Account Abstraction: The True Path to Mass Blockchain Adoption

Hi, My name is Andrii Bondar. I'm a product designer working on the zkSync project, a Layer 2 solution for scaling the Ethereum blockchain. As a product designer, I always was interested in how we can make mass adoption of blockchain. I started to wonder about this after realizing that today's technologies are ready for this.

170. "We Only Have One Planet" - Samuel Gregory, 2020 Noonie for User Experience

At Hacker Noon, we try to recognize our best and brightest contributors through our annual Noonie awards. One such impressive writer is Samuel Gregory from the United Kingdom. Samuel is a 2020 Noonie nominee in the Back to the Internet category.

171. Why I Love Beat Saber’s VR Interface

For the last couple of weeks, users have been praising the game’s new multiplayer feature. Me, I can’t stop looking at the gorgeous interface.

172. Why You Should Use Web Design 3.0 In 2021

Web design is an essential part of our life. We have watched what is taking place in the web design world since 2000.  There is drastic evolution in the web design process; millions of web pages are designed with active participation. You might have noticed differences in the average website these days. Some changes have been measured during the last years; the change occurring is known as web 3.0, a new web design era.

173. How To Avoid Manipulating Data Subconsciously: A P-Hacking Story

P value is the probability that the results we are seeing are real and not by random chance. P-Hacking is a term used to describe the scientific manipulation of data to get the desired P value. All of us do this with our experiments, consciously or not.

174. What to Learn from the Power User Curve

The importance of power users

Power users drive some of the most successful companies — people who love their product, are highly engaged, and contribute a ton of value to the network. In ecommerce marketplaces it’s power sellers, in ridesharing platforms it’s power riders, and in social networks it’s influencers.

175. How to Lose Developers and Alienate Users: 5 Ways Not to Write Docs

I recently joined Jina AI, a startup focusing on neural search. One of the things that got me interested was their documentation — while not perfect, it’s straightforward, practical and easy-to-read. I wish that were just as true of every tech product out there.

176. How to Combine Design Thinking & Business Thinking in Product Development

Long-life living for only getting profit has not much sense. Life and work have more meaning when you do something, not only to get paid but also to bring value to others. Similarly, products created for "making money" become part of the mass-consumerist machine. Nothing special. They are quickly forgotten. They are, and they are not. They live for a while and bring very temporary value.

177. Stop Compromising Your UX for Display Ad Revenue: It's Not Worth It

Banner ads can make website visitors uncomfortable, but they are a big source of revenue. This article covers how to balance your user's experience & your ads.

178. Product Expert Harish Srigiriraju Highlights Importance of Personalization in Digital Applications

Harish Srigiriraju is a product expert at one of the world’s leading telecom companies. He developed a model to personalize the home screen.

179. Why AVIF Support in WordPress is Important?

WordPress is a popular open-source CMS (Content Management System) Developers, designers, digital marketers, and most importantly end-users interact with WordPress on an almost daily basis. One of the most common issues they all have to deal with is the slow web-speed that is very common to WordPress. Various techniques can improve performance, but of all such techniques, businesses should start looking forward to AVIF. AVIF is a new, ultra-efficient image optimization format that developers can easily integrate with a WordPress site to render it super fast and super reliably.

180. The Complete Guide to Hiring Outstanding UX Designers

By Adam Fard, founder of adamfard.com a UX Design Agency

181. Feature/Permission Policies Overview

It's already challenging enough to create a website that is blazing fast, adheres to all the latest best practices and offers optimal experience for various network conditions and device types.

As the website and its codebase evolves over time, it can become even harder to maintain the desired user experience over time. To prevent UX deterioration, it’s often a good idea to place guardrails which ensure that crucial website elements, such as images, hold to a certain criteria. In this article, we are going to look at a robust mechanism which helps to steer your website in the right direction - an HTTP header called Feature Policies.

182. An Introduction to Design Thinking

Some of the most common approaches to solve a problem are situational or context-specific. For example, in the field of structural engineering, most of the challenges are solved by applying time tested rules in the field of civil engineering. For a problem that is considered less severe, a common approach is a trial by error. Mission-critical requirements and issues are solved by using a well-defined set of steps and strategies. The first reaction to solve any problem is to compartmentalize the problem into something which was solved earlier. The mind likes the comfort of the known after all. This is our primordial nature. These approaches have served us since time immemorial and will continue to do so. A common thread running through all these problems is they are well known, and they have been faced before plus they are well documented

183. What Is “Zoombombing”: an Exaggerated Phenomenon, not a Vulnerability

Why is the exclusive focus on Zoom, when the same “flaw” impacts almost all popular video conferencing apps?

184. Can Conversational AI Become The Face of Tomorrow's Business?

In recent times, conversational AI has become a tech buzzword in the global market. However, the aggressively growing popularity of AI is leaving many individuals in a great dilemma of whether they should be fear of losing jobs in the future or get excited to leverage the latest edition of the AI-driven applications in businesses.

185. An Introduction to Design Systems

Why are design systems important? In a company where everyone speaks a different language, nothing gets done.

186. Why Feature Prioritization Will Always Be an Art

Product management is more of an art than a science, and its unique deliverables depend largely on the personality of the product manager.

187. 16 Places to Find Illustrations for Your Projects 📚🎨

16 sites that offer free illustrations

188. What About The Illusion Of Choice?

Do you think your actions are the result of your own free choices? What if those actions are the inevitable and necessary consequence of antecedent states of affairs? What does this mean for your free will?

189. Why Your Product Needs to Integrate Using Webhooks

Here are 4 reasons why your product should offer a webhooks feature and stop relying on API polling:

190. Web3 Projects Must Build Like Crypto-Natives and Think like Consumers As the Bear Cycle Bites

Finding the intersection between consumer and crypto is a smart and investable way to build out of the crypto winter and into the next spring.

191. Like the Internet, Blockchain Needs Inclusion to Spread

"I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air. Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity."

192. Human Centred API Design: What Is It?

As a developer, I make APIs for another system to consume so that multiple systems can talk to each other. Where is this design thingy coming from? Isn't design for UI? How is this applicable when building APIs? And what would be the benefits? I assume these would be some of the questions when looking at the title of this post.

193. De-Google-ify Your Website [A How-To Guide]

Did you know that 94% of sites include at least one third-party resource while the median page requests content from 9 different domains? These third-party resources represent 35% of the total network activity and 7 of the 10 most used resources are owned by Google.

194. Now A Good Time To Talk Immersive Experiences As The Future of Events?

Even before the world went on lockdown, the future of events was set to take flight with Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed reality trends, which are collectively called immersive experience.

195. A Guide to Hunt a UX Designer of your Dreams

Customers come to your site for the product, but they always stay because of the experience. On average, 8 in 10 customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. So, who makes customer experience 'better' on your site?

196. How We Tried To Fight Ecommerce Fraud at JunctionX Singapore Hackathon

It has been a while since I’ve been to a hackathon. I always love that hackathon as an avenue to build something quickly within the 48-hour time constraint, the opportunity to sharpen my design skills, and network with fellow hackers. So when my colleague posted on Slack about JunctionX Singapore, I signed up!

197. Leave The Demographics Out of Your Design User Personas

User personas can be problematic. Is there a way to turn them into a useful resource? Update them regularly, involve your team in the creation process and more.

198. Wave Accounting's Bill Upload Feature - An Unsolicited Design

How I designed a suggestion for bill upload feature for Wave accounting software that solves UX issues of inefficiency, less accuracy, and file storage limits.

199. What Is Keyword Foraging and How Can You Use It For Better Search Results?

How this new term can help us understand the way people discover things online.

200. Here's Why We Invested in Minerva — The Internet’s Universal Process Sharing Platform

Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it…

201. Top 10 Trustworthy UX Research Tools

Here we share the list of top 10 UX research tools. This guide will help you better understand the perspective and attitude of a user.

202. Must-have Tools For Consistent Content Creation

Headless content management should be enjoyable for both developers and content creators alike. Here’s a look at some of the latest tools that are helping JAMstack developers build great content creation experiences for their teams.

203. More Secure Technology Can Backfire: Here's How to Avoid Security Fatigue

4 ways to eliminate "security fatigue": simpler tech, biometrics as seamless authentication, password elimination, and "less is more"

204. 4 Templates For Product Owners Looking To Write Great User Stories

The purpose of a user story is to describe the desired functionality of a specific part of the software.

205. UX Design 101: Understanding User Flows and How to Create Them

The ability to create and think in user flows is one of the most important skills in a UX designer's toolkit.

206. How to Design Screens & Widgets In Flutter

In this blog, we will create new card buttons, that'll be displayed in the grid view. Each button UI will take the user to a sub-page like Events, Temples, etc.

207. Image Optimization and Transformation with Cloudinary

The web is now dominated with more visual content than ever hence the need to consider ways of delivering these images with the smallest possible file size while maintaining optimal visual quality.

208. 3 Questions to Ask When Hiring Your Startup's First Designer

My first job as a UX designer was fresh out of grad school at a small startup with six people. It wasn't a great fit. I'd come from the world of print graphic design and had never designed a real-world digital software product. Even though I was enthusiastic, I had no experience to call on to know how to reconcile UX tradeoffs or convince the team why one design decision was better than another.

209. How To Make A Site Bit By Bit [Beginners Guide]

In 2020, anybody can fabricate and structure a site without knowing anything about web improvement, plan or coding.

So, millennials, huh? Oversensitive snowflakes, always in their smartphones, but don’t like phone calls. What else do we know about people who are already the largest and most influential generation of consumers and only going stronger?

211. How to Prepare for Usability Testing - Part 2

How do you know if your users understand the interface of your product, or if it's easy for them to achieve desired tasks? Usability testing is the answer.

212. Ecommerce UI/UX Conversion Audit: Decisions That Helps Andamen to Win More Customers

Design development doesn’t begin with a designer sketching anymore. It begins with understanding - step-by-step - how your users will navigate your app.

214. How to Use Microinteractions to Enhance UX and User Engagement

They may say, "The harder the journey, the better the destination." But, you don't want to lose another user just because the UX of your application is giving them a hard time. Maybe focussing on the journey is more important. That is why it is also said that the journey is more important than the destination. The more eventful and detailed your UX journey is, the more the number of users will start using your product.

215. Zerocoin Flaws, Private Atomic Swap Adoption, and UX [An Analysis]

We started as a PoW coin however soon realised for the sake of security (namely preventing 51% attacks and ASIC miners), we'd be better suited to having a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. So we moved over from mining to staking without a hitch and took advantage of this new setup by developing our own 'Leased Proof-of-Stake' mechanism, which allows users to stake their coins via a service provider who take a small percentage from each staking reward for running the service.

216. Learn How To Create HTML Forms Like A Pro

One of the main drivers of business success is good customer relations. Companies must listen to their customers and take appropriate action. Many online businesses collect feedback from their customers through online forms.

217. 15 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Developing a Real Estate Website

Are you thinking of starting a new online business but the thought of designing the website is weighing you down? Most of us can relate to that! After all, the first step tends to be the hardest especially when we are talking about real estate websites.

218. Take Responsibility Instead of Blaming Your Users

Mad because your users keep clicking on that submit button three times a second?

219. HTML Forms And Elements And How to Use Them

Whenever dealing with user input, it is advisable to provide a structure so the process can be completed quickly and reliably, also limiting the amount of ‘free form’ input, which can be dangerous to allow in a public site. In HTML5, such a structure is achieved with the use of the form and input tags.

220. Tracking the Evolution of UX Through Google's Homepage, Over the Years

Google is well know for its minimal design of its homepage, but has it always been this way?

221. UX Is Not Flows

It's safe to say all products are after the best User Experience.

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