47 Stories To Learn About Shopify

21 Feb 2024

Let's learn about Shopify via these 47 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. What I learned from interviewing at Twitter, Webflow, Netlify, and Shopify

The week after a rejection email is tough. My brain recreates the interview looking for mistakes and inserting thoughts that I will never be good enough to work

2. How to Auto-Generate Promotional Graphics for your New Shopify Products

This tutorial will teach how to auto-generate promotional graphics each time you add a new product to your Shopify store.

3. How To Setup Shopify`s Billing API

One of the most common mistakes of beginning Shopify app developers is to assume that the Shopify app store will handle pricing and billing for them. Learn how to add billing code to your app to prevent selling it for free.

4. Snackable Business Model Breakdowns - Maven.com

Snackable Business Model Breakdowns of Maven.com Maven is a platform that enables instructors to launch and run their cohort based classes successfully.

I’m not calling myself a hero, but you may after reading this

6. Why the Hottest News at Bitcoin 2022 Was Not About Bitcoin

This year’s Bitcoin 2022 in Miami came after the legalization of Bitcoin in El Salvador in September last year bringing the announcement of Shopify integration

7. Side Hustles for Software Engineers to 3x their Income

This article discusses the best Side Hustles for Software Developers to earn additional income.

8. 5 Essential SaaS Tools for Ecommerce Startups: Shopify, Oberlo, Canva, ShipStation, and Grammarly

Ignorance is bliss but in business, it can cost you a lot. Learn about the best SaaS tools to help your small business grow. A useful read for beginners.

Contributing significantly to eCommerce and its spiking sales levels, consumer habits, behaviors, and shopping trends in the USA are changing. And this change is not about to stop anytime soon, with post-Covid trends in eCommerce continuing to place further benefits on this sector and those that take advantage of these trends.

10. I choose Magento over Shopify as an eCommerce consultant

Compare the world's most popular eCommerce platforms, Magento and Shopify to develop your own online business to scale to next level edge.

11. 8 Startups That Became Tech Giants via Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an established, battle-tested technology that served as an excellent framework for software developers. But what’s the secret behind the success of Rails? One good reason is that ever since it appeared on the tech scene, it’s been part of projects launched by companies that have become some of the fastest-growing and largest startups we’ve ever seen.

12. You Should Migrate Your E-Commerce Website to Shopify Plus Instead of Magento 2

A huge number of Magento merchants migrate to Shopify Plus, and we review the key reasons for this so you, too, can upgrade your online retail with confidence.

13. 7 Shopify Alternatives to Create an Online Food Delivery Platform

Top Shopify alternatives restaurateurs must consider to develop their online food delivery platform.

14. Delete-This

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15. Shopify Store Backup Strategy: 3 Ways to Keep Your Business Protected

This article will discuss some ways you can backup your Shopify website and protect your business from potential disasters.

16. Using Shopping Apps to Boost Profits Small e-Commerce Entrepreneurs

By launching an app, you could increase retention rates, take care of your customers’ private data, and provide them with a better shopping experience.

17. Deep Dive: Is Maropost a Better Alternative to Shopify?

In the e-commerce realm, Shopify has long dominated as a key player, becoming nearly synonymous with online retail.

18. Shopify's Shop Pay: What it is and How it Works

Learn what is Shop Pay and apply the service to elevate user experience and make checkout quicker for repeat customers.

19. Is Shopify Oxygen Hydrogen Right for Your ECommerce Business?

What are the most common challenges when building an e-commerce system on Shopify? Let's start with standard Shopify theme templates.

20. Shopify Video Apps Lead Online Retail Sales Growth for SMBs

With more than one million small businesses currently using Shopify (the third-largest online retailer in the U.S. after Amazon and eBay) there’s another growth happening right now.

21. Top 5 Shopify Development Companies in the USA

Top 5 Shopify Development Companies in the USA

22. Shopify vs Magento – Which One to Choose For Your e-Commerce Website?

Choosing the right eCommerce platform for business means finding the right balance for your requirements. We will compare two platforms - Shopify vs Magento.

23. The Best Shopify Wholesale Apps for 2022

The Best Shopify Wholesale Apps for 2022

24. Using Open-Source Software to Disrupt Marketplaces

“Disruption innovation,” a term coined in the mid-90’s, is used to describe a phenomenon where small business owners can build simpler, lower-priced products to take on less agile, established companies who have begun to focus on enterprise sales.

25. Shopify vs. BigCommerce: Which is the Better Platform for 2022?

BigCommerce and Shopify are two of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the market. The question is: which one will be better in 2022?

26. ECommerce APIs: How to Set Up the WooCommerce API & Shopify API

Here you'll find out how to integrate well-known eCommerce APIs: Shopify and WooCommerce. With this guide, you'll be able to apply them to your online store.

27. Is it Time for Small Businesses to Go Online or is it Too Late?

With our store in that cool neighborhood strip-mall, no local competition, and lots of foot traffic, life was good, and many couldn’t see the need for a fully implemented online commerce.

28. The Technical SEO Challenges of Shopify and How to Overcome Them

Shopify is wonderfully simple, but that can also be a curse as small eCommerce shops start to face increased competition from incumbent brick and mortar stores.

29. Top 10 E-commerce Website Designs for 2020

What pulls customers to an E-commerce store?

30. How To Start an Online Store Without Taking The Knock

Pandemic has affected more than 200 countries throughout the world. It impacted the global economy severely and global stock markets have suffered drastic falls due to the outbreak. According to Statista, almost 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars have been lost in economic output. People got locked down in their homes and that was the only way to stay safe from the deadly virus. Stores, restaurants and shopping malls were closed and there was no business at all.

31. 5 Shopify Alternatives that Make Ecommerce Simple for Beginners

In 2004, Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Luke established an online website to sell snowboards. They tried a bunch of online store builders but were not satisfied with the status quo. So, they decided to build a tool that could operate their website. Soon, they realized that the tool was more powerful than the website's business. And hence, Shopify was born.

32. 6 Best Zendesk Alternative Software for ECommerce in 2021

The best Zendesk alternatives for anyone in the e-commerce business. Comparison of 6 customer service tools.

33. An Introduction to Shopify and Embedded Fintech Stacks

A lot has been written about Shopify’s potential as an Amazon alternate. Ben Thompson’s post on Shopify as a platform does a great job of justifying the growing value of Shopify in the commerce ecosystem. It is Shopify and not Walmart/Best Buy that is Amazon’s closest alternative and by far the easiest way for a seller to start selling online - more than 1,000,000 stores are already selling through Shopify.

34. WooCommerce vs. Shopify for Dropshipping Business

We already discussed the principles of the dropshipping and risks related to it. Although it indeed carries risks, it’s a developing eCommerce form. It is involving more people on three sides: buyers, intermediates, and producers.

35. How to Forecast Purchase Orders for Shopify Stores Using Open-Source

Use the open-source integrated machine learning in MindsDB and the open-source data integration platform Airbyte to forecast Shopify store metrics.

36. Mexico is A Good Alternative to China for E-Commerce Fulfillment

Getayuda offers Ecommerce stores a seamless bridge to transact with Mexican factories that can match the price and quality of their production.

37. PPC Prep for the Holidays: Google Shopping Ads Features To Use For Your Shopify Store

The partnership allows Shopify stores to directly link to Google ads, simplifying merging product inventory and payment options between Shopify and Google.

38. How Technology Companies Have Reinvented Their Business Models During Pandemic Times

The primary misunderstanding about business innovation, which leads to inaction is believing that reinventing or innovating your business starts from technical implementations.

39. Top Shopify Dropshipping Themes for Different Business Niches 

I won’t surprise you if I say that a convenient website that works smoothly is a must-have if you deal with dropshipping, right?

40. 5 Online Business Ideas You Can Start From Home (Ecommerce)

In the wake of the recent global Coronavirus pandemic, most of us have gone into self isolation to protect ourselves, our loved ones and others.

41. 11 Reasons To Build Your Next E-Commerce Websites On Shopify

11 Reasons Why Shopify Web Designers Love To Build E-Commerce Websites On Shopify including the theme store, customization, and more.

42. An In-Depth Look at Shopify Plus: The Last E-Commerce Monolith

Platforms like Shopify Plus offer headless capabilities, but the real magic is in modular commerce technology.

43. 10 Best Shopify Apps Used by Online Stores Making Over $10 Million

The market offers jillions of Shopify apps. It’s no surprise. But here’s the catch. You will have to find the best Shopify apps that fulfill the requirements of your eCommerce store.

44. Top 3 Ecommerce Website Development Platforms [2021]

Popular Ecommerce Website Platforms to develop an online store with cart, payment gateway, SSL, and hosting in 2021 are Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

45. How You Can Drive Traffic To Your Shopify Store

No matter if you’re just starting out with your first store, or are running a multi-million dollar enterprise, every eCommerce entrepreneur has one question that never leaves their mind:

46. How to Build a Shopify Integration

A how-to guide to building a Shopify integration with the Shopify API in low-code. We go over how to create a private app, connect it to Shopify and query data.

47. 10 Ways You Can Make Money Online From Your Home

The idea of starting your own business from home is exciting. Although it requires time and a little investment, starting out isn't that difficult.

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