You Should Upgrade Your Authentication System to CIAM Now Before It's Too Late

7 Jun 2024

While data breaches and security threats loom, innovative and robust authentication security mechanisms become the need of the hour.

The best business strategy in today’s modern landscape is to please your customers. And when you’re delivering services online, it all depends on how your customers are treated at your platform, how their data is managed, and how much they trust your platform.

However, the first interaction with your platform is the biggest factor deciding the overall customer satisfaction rate. And it all begins with a reliable authentication system!

Yes, your authentication system is all that can create a great, lasting impression on your users and potential customers.

But what’s worrisome is that most businesses are reluctant to switch to cutting-edge authentication mechanisms like a customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution.

They rely on legacy authentication systems that aren’t powerful enough to handle the security and user experience challenges of the modern digital landscape. And here’s where businesses lag behind competitors in the ever-evolving modern business environment.

Let’s learn why enterprises must take a giant leap toward adopting a reliable, innovative CIAM solution to stay competitive.

Why CIAM is the Missing Piece in Your Business Strategy?

Businesses must emphasize seamless customer experience in the modern digital world. However, ignoring the true potential of a secure and seamless user experience makes all the difference.

Brands creating a perfect symphony between user experience and security in their authentication process can convert and retain more users than those that aren’t.

And here’s where the critical role of a robust CIAM comes into play! A CIAM allows businesses to incorporate cutting-edge security mechanisms that reinforce user account security and offer a streamlined user experience.

CIAM helps deliver great authentication experiences backed with adequate security, which is why users trust businesses that have incorporated CIAM into their platforms.

In a nutshell, if you wish to build lasting relationships with your customers and potential customers, you have to lay the foundation for trust through secure data management best practices.

By integrating CIAM into your business strategy, you can flawlessly integrate security, user experience, and compliance with data protection regulations to drive customer loyalty.

5 Reasons You Must Incorporate CIAM into Your Business Strategy

1. Enhanced Security

The conventional and legacy authentication systems mostly rely on single-factor authentication. And most of them leverage password-based security, which is highly prone to data and privacy breaches. On the other hand, using a CIAM can simplify the authentication process and add multiple layers of authentication into the user authentication process. This means a user has to go through a number of verification processes, including passwords, security questions, or one-time passwords, to access their account.

This kind of authentication security ensures that even one aspect of authentication, i.e., passwords, is compromised; another stringent layer      of security safeguards an individual’s account and hence significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

2. Great User Experience

All these authentication methods ensure there’s zero or no friction at all while users access resources and their accounts. Furthermore, the added layers of security in most advanced CIAMs are automatically added in a situation where the system detects any unusual behavior.

This means a user has to go through a number of authentication layers only if it is required. Otherwise, they can enjoy a seamless login experience every time they access their account. So, if an enterprise is offering a better user experience, it always contributes to higher customer satisfaction and overall retention rates. To be precise, a CIAM not only just secures your system but eventually increases the overall user experience.

3. Regulatory Compliance Requirements

While data privacy and security regulations like the GDPR and CCPA are becoming more stringent than ever, choosing a reliable CIAM has become an absolute necessity. With a CIAM solution, enterprises can adhere to a number of global data privacy and security compliance standards while catering to their citizens.

Features like adaptive authentication, multi-factor authentication, and consent management are some of the basic requirements of various regulations in different nations, which must be adhered to to offer services and products to their citizens.

4. Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows, so does the complexity of managing many customer identities and infinite login attempts.

Advanced CIAM solutions can offer auto-scalable infrastructures that can scale up to millions of identities per minute. This helps maintain a great user experience during peak hours without a glitch. Modern CIAMs are designed to handle large volumes of users and data seamlessly, allowing you to adapt to your diverse business needs.

5. Data Insights and Personalization

With a comprehensive CIAM, businesses can harness the power of data analytics that allows them to gain valuable insights regarding user behavior and preferences. This data can be further leveraged to create personalized user journeys and experiences for your customers, enhancing engagement and loyalty.

Final Thoughts

In the modern digital business landscape, where cyber-attacks and breaches are becoming increasingly sophisticated, relying on legacy authentication systems could be quite risky.

Upgrading to a CIAM system is undeniably a proactive step toward securing your business and sensitive customer data. Advanced CIAM offers a great user experience and ease of access so businesses can quickly achieve overall success.