Web3 Sports Fantasy Game Maincard.io Now Live On TON

17 Jun 2024

**IRVINE, US, June 13th, 2024/GamingWire/**Maincard.io, the leading Web3 sports fantasy card game, proudly announces its launch on the mainnet of TON blockchain. This milestone marks a significant leap forward in revolutionizing the sports betting industry with blockchain technology, providing a seamless and engaging gaming experience for millions of Telegram users worldwide.

Innovating Fantasy Sports Games on TON Blockchain

Since January 2024, Maincard has been diligently developing its platform on TON blockchain in the test network, a recognition of the potential for mass adoption within TON ecosystem. The goal was to transfer most of the game's functionality, which is already available on the Polygon blockchain, and include exclusive features for TON blockchain.

In March 2024, Maincard was accepted into TON Foundation accelerator program from a pool of 170 applicants, validating its potential and opening up investment opportunities within TON ecosystem, including access to a $2 million funding pool from TON Ventures.

Val Makovetskii, CEO and founder of Maincard, remarked about the launch on TON:

"TON makes mass adoption of blockchain as easy as opening your Telegram app, by providing access to nearly a billion potential users and a reliable infrastructure to build on, we can expand and improve everyday."

Commenting on the launch, Inal Kardan, Gaming Lead at TON Foundation, noted:

"We are delighted to welcome Maincard to TON ecosystem. The Maincard team has done extensive work in the testnet to launch their application on TON and within Telegram, and we are thrilled to see them moving to the mainnet. The launch of products like Maincard is another step towards achieving the mass adoption of Web3 products and services. The Maincard team’s successful completion of TON Foundation Acceleration Program demonstrates their ability to create high-quality products for millions of users on Telegram."

Exciting Game Mechanics and Welcome Gift for New Players

Maincard allows players to predict real-life sports and esports events using game cards to earn rewards. Maincard introduces its innovative Battles mode, designed for solo play, and Tournaments, offering weekly competitive events where players vie for a share of the prize pool. Predictions on Maincard are now completely free for users.

To celebrate the Maincard launch, newly registered users can receive two FREE game cards to start playing by connecting to the Maincard bot in the Telegram App.

Incentive Program continued

Maincard allocated up to 50,000 TON tokens as incentives to reward the community's involvement in the transition to TON and to incentivize active players. During the first airdrop, Maincard community members received 5,200 TON tokens, valued at around $35,000 at the time of distribution. An additional 45,000 TON tokens remain earmarked as incentive rewards for users, including those who join the game on the mainnet.

About Maincard.io:

Maincard.io is a Web3 sports fantasy card game that allows users to earn rewards by predicting real sports and esports events. Using a free-to-play model, Maincard.io is dedicated to introducing Web3 concepts to audiences through engaging and enjoyable experiences and providing a new approach to sports predictions. The platform extends its development into various sports areas for predictions, including esports, NBA, football (English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, etc.), NFL, NHL, MMA, MLB, and cricket. Maincard is available on both the Polygon and TON blockchains.

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