Impactful Road Update Systems: Practical and Research Implications for Commuters and Agencies

24 May 2024


(1) Benzar Glen S. Grepon, Northern Bukidnon State College, Philippines (corresponding author);

(2) JC P. Margallo, Northern Bukidnon State College, Philippines;

(3) Jonathan B. Maserin, Northern Bukidnon State College, Philippines;

(4) Rio Al-Di A. Dompol, Northern Bukidnon State College, Philippines.

Abstract and Intro

Literature Review






Research Implications

Practical Implications


References and Author's Biography


The developed web application meets the objectives to provide the users. The web application is well-recommended and acceptable by the users. The researchers provided cheaper premium web hosting every year for its renewal. The researchers will incorporate ads for additional revenue for the web application and a registration form for the users to get an acknowledgment of their contribution to the post and to improve the web application. Agencies such as DPWH, RTA, and the like should be able to contribute accurate reports using the web application to ensure reliable and well-grounded information is delivered to the community.


It is recommended that the future development expand the coverage of the road updates, including the entire Philippine archipelago, for long-drive commuters and drivers to be more updated regarding road updates. Also, include using mobile applications for more user-friendly design and interactions.


The study allows viewing and reporting road updates with attachments as proof, informing commuters about what to expect when they travel. The system has been implemented in the municipality of Bukidnon and has been updated now and then for continuous quality improvement.


The main benefit that the Road Updates Information System can do is to inform people who are constantly traveling to be updated on the current situation of a specific road by accessing the system and checking the map on areas to travel and see for themselves the photos and description of a place where road construction, accidents and other causes that delay the traveling time of passengers and travelers. Aside from being informed of the road updates, citizens can also participate by uploading photos and descriptions of what is still going on the roads to the system and be viewed by people who try to access the web portal.


Conflict of Interest

No author has disclosed any conflicts of interest.

Informed Consent

The study did not involve humans as participants and only used scene text datasets that are already available online hence this is not applicable.

Ethics Approval

The conducted research uses only scene text datasets, which are already available online, and did not include humans as participants; hence this is not applicable.


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Authors’ Biography

Benzar Glen S. Grepon is the Director of the Information Management Office and the previous IT Program Head of Northern Bukidnon State College, specializing in research, Programming, Project Management, Management Information Systems, Network Management, and Administration

JC P. Margallo is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate College at Northern Bukidnon State College, specializing in Web development and programming.

Jonathan B. Maserin is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate College at Northern Bukidnon State College, specializing in Web development and programming.

Rio Al-Di A. Dompol is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate College at Northern Bukidnon State College and a computer programmer in the Information Management Office of NBSC, specializing in Web development, programming, Database Management and Mobile Design and Development.

This paper is available on arxiv under CC 4.0 license.