How You Like Them Sandwiches?

10 Jun 2024

You probably like sandwiches as a snack, but what about being sandwiched by your competitors on Google Search?

Elastic Email (a Mailchimp competitor) has been advertising on Google for months. Google Ads constitute ~40% of their ad spend, so they must get fantastic results there, right?


If you Google Elastic Email right now, here’s what you’ll see:

They. Got. Sandwiched!

If you went ‘oooooof’, then you’re a marketer at heart and should read on.

Google Likes Your Money - Not You.

When Google opened up the bidding mechanism for ADs, the first casualty was Ethics.

Until then, Marketers refrained from encroaching upon competitors’ branding, and any harmless banter was considered' a bold move’—remember the Cola Wars?

But today, we’re all cutthroats over that $5 CPM.

Thanks, Google!

Sandwiches like the one above are the norm, not the exception, while Google laughs its way to the bank.

So, what can you do?

Become Antifragile To The Punches

Whenever we search on Google, we at least glance at the ads before either scrolling past them or clicking on the one that catches our fancy.

Now, a fantastic copy might get you the click - cos we’re all wary of deceptively tantalizing copy; what will get you the click and the best chance of conversion is —

Brand Recall.

If I recognize the AD that shows up on my intent search, there’s a 99% chance I’ll click on their AD instead of anything else.

That’s the power of Brand Recall.

So, if you’re getting sandwiched by a competitor outspending you on your target keywords, build better brand recall and see your results convert while their ADs remain unclicked!

Command Brand Recall Instead of Praying For It

HackerNoon has helped 4,000+ companies command Brand Recall in myriad ways, and here’s our boldest campaign offering yet: Site Takeover!

The Premise is Simple: Enable our partner brands to capture everlasting Brand Recall without fearing getting sandwiched.

At $25k a week, you get:

  • A logo AD atop our homepage
  • A big-ass banner AD next to our top stories

On a CPM basis, it’ll come out to $10,…and if you book a meeting here to confirm a purchase, you get a $5k flat discount per week you buy.

If you’re getting sandwiched, that’s your silver bullet, but if you broke the sandwich another way, let us know in the comments.