FSL Launches Sneaker Alpha Draw For STEPN GO, New Social-Lifestyle App

19 Jun 2024

SYDNEY, Australia, June 19th, 2024/Chainwire/--FSL, the gaming studio behind the acclaimed ‘Move and Earn’ app STEPN, has officially launched STEPN GO, a new social lifestyle app that integrates gaming and social features. Users can now participate in the Alpha Draw to potentially earn Sneaker NFTs, which are the gateway to earning the new GO GAME TOKEN (GGT) by walking, jogging, and running.

STEPN GO is designed to provide an engaging and rewarding fitness experience. The app features easy onboarding with the Haus System, allowing users to lend their Sneakers to friends and family without any crypto knowledge required. Users can walk or run with their Sneakers to earn the new GO GAME TOKEN (GGT). The app will also introduce a PvP game feature where users can potentially earn GMT, the FSL Ecosystem token. Customizable avatars and outfits enable users to craft unique looks for their avatars and show them off on the in-app Interactive Map.

Jerry Huang, Co-Founder of FSL, stated, “With STEPN GO, we are simplifying the onboarding process for web2 users by eliminating the need for prior crypto knowledge. Our Haus System allows users to lend Sneakers to friends and family, making it easier for new users to get started. This approach ensures that everyone can enjoy the benefits of our app without any barriers, fostering a more inclusive and engaging community.”

The Alpha Draw is the exclusive way for users to obtain 3 STEPN GO Shoe Boxes, each containing 1 Soul-Bound Sneaker, providing access to the Alpha Testing of STEPN GO. The Alpha Draw is conducted directly within the STEPN GO app and lasts for a 30-day period. During this time, users can participate in various Alpha Draw Rounds and Extra Rounds for a chance to win these Soul-Bound Shoe Boxes.

Yawn Rong, Co-Founder of FSL, said, “The Alpha Draw is an exciting opportunity for our community to engage with STEPN GO from the very beginning. This event rewards our loyal users with exclusive access to the Alpha Testing phase, allowing them to be among the first to explore our new features. We're thrilled to offer this unique opportunity and can't wait to see how our community responds.”

Each ticket requires time-locking 5 GMT, and users can obtain a maximum of 10 tickets per Alpha Draw Round, with additional tickets available for Extra Rounds. To participate, users must time-lock their GMT until April 19, 2028 and all users will receive a full refund, whether or not they win STEPN GO Sneakers. After each Alpha Round expires, users can scratch their tickets to reveal potential prizes, including collectible sticker sets and Soul-Bound STEPN GO Shoe Boxes.

Only those who win Sneakers in the Alpha Draw will be able to enter the Alpha Test. Additional opportunities to win Sneakers will be available through the STEPN GO’ers Program, STEPN GO Discord, and the STEPN GO X account. Moreover, a limited number of STEPN GO Sneakers will be available on the MOOAR platform, serving as a bonus prize for the MOOAR Box S2 rewards program.

The STEPN GO Alpha Draw is officially live. Users can download STEPN GO now for the chance to win STEPN GO Sneakers and gain early access to STEPN GO and the Alpha Test.


Building on the success of STEPN, the pioneering move-and-earn platform, STEPN GO revolutionizes social fitness in everyday life. Buy, borrow, or lend users' Sneakers to earn rewards by staying active. Users' rewards can be used to level up, cash out, or flex their online appearance, fostering both physical activity and social connections.

To learn more about STEPN GO, users can read the whitepaper: STEPN GO Whitepaper.

About STEPN:

Since its debut in 2021, STEPN has become the leading ‘Move and Earn’ app with over 5.6 million users and 1 million Sneaker NFTs. It has partnered with major brands like ASICS, Steve Aoki, and adidas, and was the first blockchain gaming app to integrate Apple Pay, simplifying the onboarding process for Web2 users.


Mattina Hiwaizi



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