DeltaPrime Unveils $PRIME Token

26 Jun 2024

June 26, 2024— DeltaPrime, a decentralized borrowing and investing platform, is thrilled to announce their Token Generation Event (TGE) on Uniswap and Trader Joe. The TGE marks another innovation in crypto with the launch of the $PRIME and $sPRIME tokens on July 1st, 2024. Born in the bear market and operating on the Arbitrum and Avalanche networks, DeltaPrime’s inventive tokenomics design focuses on stable growth of its liquidity pools, as well as enhanced community rewards and governance capabilities.

Community-minded and transparent, DeltaPrime has developed a novel protocol with outstanding security measures for trustless, undercollateralized borrowing of crypto assets to be used for trading, yield farming, and liquidity providing on other whitelisted protocols.

Protocol revenue in Q1 this year exceeded $1.5M, and the community Seed round of ColonyLab was notably 58% oversubscribed, demonstrating strong investor confidence in DeltaPrime’s vision and execution. Additionally, a significant LTIPP grant of 750,000 ARB, the same size as those received by well-established platforms like Lido and Aave, highlights DeltaPrime’s emerging stature and reliability in the DeFi space. But unlike Aave, DeltaPrime propels the DeFi industry from the overcollateralized past to the future of undercollateralized crypto loans.

By launching $PRIME and $sPRIME, DeltaPrime preserves its sustainable business model while also rewarding and steadily transitioning governance to its biggest supporter, its community.

Revolutionizing DeFi: Advanced Trading and Governance

$PRIME and $sPRIME empower users by providing enhanced trade and LP capabilities utilizing idle capital and robust governance structures, setting new standards for participation and profitability in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape.

$PRIME, the primary tradable token of the DeltaPrime ecosystem, is integral to the platform’s liquidity framework. As a versatile ERC20 token, $PRIME can be traded on open markets, utilized in liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and transferred between entities, facilitating seamless market interactions.

$PRIME Means Community.

Unique to $PRIME is its role in creating $sPRIME through liquidity pairings, such as PRIME-AVAX or PRIME-ETH, embedding it deeply within DeltaPrime's operational and governance mechanisms. Contribution to the LP is simplified through the DeltaPrime app, making $sPRIME acquisition a breeze.

$sPRIME marks a significant innovation in the realm of DeFi governance and revenue sharing. This LP-token serves as a utility token within the DeltaPrime ecosystem and also as a vehicle for governance, enabling holders to actively participate in decision-making processes. $sPRIME holders that support the platform’s growth enjoy the dual benefits of influencing the platform’s direction and contributing to- and sharing in its financial success, which notably amassed $1.65 million in Q1 of 2024.

Of the protocol’s total revenue, 33% goes to active $sPRIME holders, 33% to the treasury for further development, and 33% to the protocol’s insurance funds.

$PRIME emissions are dynamically calibrated based on current market conditions to ensure economic stability and sustainable growth. This adaptive supply strategy helps stabilize $PRIME’s value during market fluctuations, with mechanisms in place to increase supply during high demand and initiate buybacks when demand wanes. $PRIME is not a stablecoin however, and therefore is susceptible to price variations based on its supply and demand.

$sPRIME stands out by being the first concentrated LP-token used as a platform’s main currency, next to generating governance power. The token becomes ‘active’ by keeping the underlying liquidity centered around the current price, increasing its value to those that support the platform’s growth.

DeltaPrime Leads with Community-Driven Governance

At the heart of DeltaPrime’s approach is a commitment to transparency and a governance model that places decision-making directly in the hands of its users. $sPRIME holders that contribute to the platform’s growth do not only receive a staggering 33% of the protocol's revenue, but they also gain voting rights that shape the platform's policies and direction.

A user receives governance points by holding a 10:1 ratio of $sPRIME to protocol usage, either as a borrower or lender on the platform. This democratic process ensures that every decision reflects the collective will of those who use the platform, fostering a truly decentralized governance structure made up of active DeltaPrime users.

Prioritizing Security

DeltaPrime prioritizes the security of user funds above all. This commitment to security, coupled with DeltaPrime's strategic expansion, has solidified its position as a reliable and enduring presence in the DeFi landscape.

To mitigate inherent risks, DeltaPrime has established a comprehensive suite of safety features designed to protect user assets and maintain the security of the platform: borrowed funds can be used only on whitelisted protocols and tokens, users can’t run away without repaying the loan, and there is insolvency protection through liquidation bots that oversee loan health.

Gearing up for its 7th successful audit, DeltaPrime from market manipulation and exploits, and, in the unlikely event that multiple on-chain checks miss an issue, an insurance fund covers any affected depositors. DeltaPrime remains fully committed to providing a secure and reliable platform for all users today and in the future.

About DeltaPrime

DeltaPrime is your prime broker on a mission to unlock the full potential of DeFi. They do this by providing secure undercollateralized loans, with a focus on maximum capital efficiency. Being built on the foundations of Avalanche and Arbitrum, their Prime Account holders know they get fast and reliable transactions for their most important investments.

Built on its inventive Diamond Beacon Proxy pattern, DeltaPrime’s escrow smart contracts are infinitely scalable and allow the platform to sustain the quickest turnaround of integrations in the DeFi space.

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