BEVM Visionary Builders (BVB) Program Launches a 60 Million Ecosystem Incentives Program

7 Jun 2024

**HONG KONG, China, June 7th, 2024/Chainwire/--**BEVM has announced a new incentive program, the BEVM Visionary Builders (BVB), following its recent partnership with Binance wallet for an airdrop event.

Introduction to BEVM Visionary Builders

Launched by BEVM, the "Visionary Builders" ecosystem incentive program aims to promote the development of 17 tracks, including DEXs, lending, stablecoins, and more. Through community participation and multi-dimensional evaluation, the program will provide rewards totaling $60 million to outstanding projects and users.

The program also introduces an on-chain community voting mechanism. Participating project teams can demonstrate their active user base through on-chain voting, which is a crucial dimension for project evaluation. Users participating in on-chain voting will not only receive airdrops of ORDINALS•RUNE but also BEVM tokens.

Currently, the Visionary Builders program is open for applications. Interested project teams can fill out the form in the Ecosystem section of the BEVM website or directly apply through this link: BEVM Visionary Builders Application Form

The application process for the Visionary Builders program is as follows:

  1. Project teams fill out the application form.
  2. Upon passing the review, projects are listed on the "BVB" section of the BEVM website, and teams can invite community members to vote.
  3. After the first month, BEVM distributes ORDINALS•RUNE assets and $60 million worth of tokens based on the community ECO score ranking.
  4. From the second month, BEVM will announce the first batch of BVB winners, with voting scores continuing to accumulate.

Reward Distribution

BEVM will provide $60 million worth of assets to reward ecosystem projects and voting users participating in the BVB program. The actual value of the rewards will "rise with the tide" as BEVM develops. The distribution is planned as follows:

  • 30% for airdrops to on-chain voters

  • 70% to incentivize outstanding ecosystem projects and their users

Overall, the airdrop rewards will be distributed based on the proportion of ECO scores that on-chain voting users hold. In other words, the higher a user's voting score, the more token rewards they will receive. ECO scores can be earned through the following three methods:

1. Genesis Box

The Genesis Box (GBX) is an early-stage BEVM ecosystem asset used to reward users who supported the project during the mainnet launch. Holders can open the Genesis Box to randomly earn between 500 and 1,500 ECO scores based on their on-chain activity, but the Genesis Box will be consumed upon opening.

2. Inviting Users

Users who enter the voting page using an invitation code (the invitee) will receive a 5% score boost. For every vote the invitee casts, the inviter will earn 5% of the score.

3. Voting

After earning scores, users can vote for their favorite protocols on the voting page. Each vote earns 100 scores, and there will be a corresponding leaderboard.

Each month, BEVM will regularly announce the ecosystem projects that have earned the "Visionary Builders" title and execute the corresponding incentive plan. This transparent and fair reward mechanism ensures that every participant's efforts are rewarded accordingly.

BEVM Visionary Builders: The Engine of the Bitcoin Ecosystem

The BVB program is not only an activity to vitalize the ecosystem but also a strategic move by BEVM to promote the prosperity and development of its ecosystem. This program carries profound significance, as it not only brings new opportunities for BEVM but also provides valuable insights for the entire cryptocurrency industry.

In the cryptocurrency industry, technological innovation, market potential, and community engagement are crucial factors in determining a project's success. By utilizing multi-dimensional evaluation and on-chain community voting, BEVM can not only discover and support projects with the greatest potential but also mobilize community participation. Through market potential assessment, BEVM can identify projects that truly have the potential to reshape the industry landscape and drive the prosperity of the entire ecosystem.

According to current estimates, BEVM is investing $60 million worth of assets into this program, which is a massive reward rarely seen in the industry. By introducing on-chain voting and multi-dimensional evaluation mechanisms, BEVM ensures that every project and user receives rewards commensurate with their contributions.

Incorporating a community voting mechanism makes BEVM's governance more decentralized and democratic. In the cryptocurrency industry, decentralized governance is key to enhancing project transparency and credibility. Community users directly participate in project selection through voting, not only increasing their sense of involvement but also ensuring fairness and transparency.

In the BVB program, BEVM will provide comprehensive technical support to the selected projects, helping them solve technical challenges and enhance their technical capabilities. Additionally, BEVM will leverage various marketing strategies to increase the visibility and influence of the selected projects. Furthermore, BEVM will collaborate with investment institutions like Bitmain, Waterdrip Capital, Satoshi Labs, and exchanges to establish an acceleration fund focused on the BEVM ecosystem, investing in outstanding projects within the ecosystem.

About The Visionary Builders Program

The launch of the BEVM Visionary Builders program demonstrates BEVM's determination to build a thriving ecosystem. As the program progresses, BEVM is poised to attract more outstanding projects and users to join its ecosystem, further promoting its prosperity and injecting new vitality into the expansion and application of the Bitcoin Layer 2 network.




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