Altura Launches $1M Web 3 Gaming Grant Fund to Empower Developers

12 Jun 2024

Photo credits: Unsplash

Web3 gaming isn’t just growing; it’s exploding—transforming player economies and redefining ownership of in-game assets. Barriers? Obliterated. The old narrative? Completely rewritten. How? By leveraging DeFi and innovative blockchain technologies that empower players with real ownership and investment opportunities in their gaming experiences. Altura steps right into the heart of this revolution with a groundbreaking $1 million gaming grant fund, turbocharging creators and reshaping the future of play.

This revolution isn’t just about providing funds; it’s about catalyzing groundbreaking projects that could redefine what games can be. Altura’s $1 million gaming grant fund isn’t just a pool of resources; it’s a commitment to the future of gaming—a belief that the best games are yet to be created. With $50,000 available each month, Altura is not just supporting; it’s investing in the potential of game developers to innovate and captivate.

What does this mean for developers? It’s your opportunity to bring ambitious projects to life. Submit your game to Altura, and you can secure the funding needed to move from concept to reality. The process is streamlined and transparent, designed to be as developer-friendly as possible so you can focus on what matters: your game.

Altura’s infrastructure supports this with more than just funds. With robust API and SDKs, Altura ensures that integrating Web3 into your games is seamless and straightforward. These tools allow you to focus on creativity and gameplay rather than the underlying technology. Whether you’re integrating complex NFTs or crafting new in-game economies, Altura’s technology simplifies the technical lift.

“Our vision is to become synonymous with Web3 gaming and to become the leading Web3 gaming infrastructure platform, supporting the growth and development of games being built with Web3 ideologies and principles in mind,” the company explains on its website. “Our value proposition is simple and powerful tools, 24/7 developer support for multiple blockchain networks, and a thriving community of Web3 gamers and enthusiasts.”

Led by Majd Hailat, Altura’s co-founder and CEO, an avid gamer himself, the team wants to make a mark and leave a lasting imprint on the gaming universe. Each funded project is a potential trendsetter in Web3 gaming. It’s about building games that aren’t just played but experienced deeply—games that players invest in financially and emotionally.

Imagine the impact your game could have with the right support. Think about the realms you could explore and the narratives you could offer to the world. With Altura’s gaming grant fund, your vision for the next big game could become a playable reality. This is your cue. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to push your gaming project forward, this is it.

The future of gaming waits for no one. It’s vibrant, it’s competitive, and it’s ever-evolving. With Altura’s gaming grant fund, you’re not just participating in the future but helping to create it. Submit your game, make your pitch, and see what incredible experiences you can bring to the global stage of Web3 gaming. Altura is ready to partner with you and redefine the future of play!

“Altura will be the leading infrastructure brand to Web3 games,” the team maintains. “Our goal is to ensure that Web3 technology is used in gaming across the industry, making digital asset ownership not just a trend, but the norm.”