A New Era in Cybersecurity: Don Delvy's Smartsatellite "Deus Botrus" Redefines Defense, Networking

23 May 2024

In an era where digital threats loom larger than ever—from crippling ransomware attacks to sophisticated state-sponsored hacks—the need for advanced cybersecurity solutions has become undeniable. Enter Don Delvy's groundbreaking solution, the DEFENSE-BASED SMARTSATELLITE (DBS2), dubbed “Deus Botrus,” or "God Cluster," a term that not only reflects its powerful capabilities but also its collective strength.

Delvy, a pioneer with a storied history as the inventor of modern-day cloud computing and the smartplatform (generative cloud), claimed the smartsatellite almost four years ago publicly. This claim had an immediate impact globally, from leaders in industry, to governments, Delvy knew he touched a nerve. After all, it’s the final frontier—space. Deus Botrus is personal for Delvy, as it represents the final collaborative effort between him and his deceased father, an innovation that goes back almost a decade now. Deus Botrus is designed to combat the very threats that have exposed vulnerabilities in both the public and private sectors. With features like the proprietary "Detect. Intercept. Disable." (DID) system, this satellite network is poised to neutralize events like hypersonic threats while securing digital communications globally.

"Traditional cybersecurity measures have often fallen short," Delvy explains. "What we need is a solution not just to fend off attacks but to actively monitor, intercept, and neutralize threats before they can do harm. That's what Deus Botrus is designed to do."

Del Vecchio Space, combining his renown smartplatform with the smartsatellite, and the aviation/aerospace industry, in SKIES.CLOUD represents Delvy’s ambitious leap into aviation, aerospace, and defense. The initiative follows in the footsteps of his aforementioned father, a veteran of the United States Air Force and the National Security Agency, underscoring a legacy of service and security. Beyond its defense capabilities, Deus Botrus also aims to revolutionize enterprise networking by providing enterprise-level high-speed internet, which is projected to be a trillion-dollar plus market.

Delvy's venture into space isn't just about security. It’s about building a robust infrastructure that supports democracy and safeguards freedom, ensuring that space remains a domain for peaceful and protective purposes. "By securing the skies, we secure our digital lives on Earth," Delvy states, emphasizing the interconnectedness of space security and digital wellbeing.

The launch of Deus Botrus will be more than a technological achievement; it's a statement. In a world where digital threats are becoming the norm, Delvy's vision for the smartplatform and the smartsatellite comes as a promising safeguard, offering a glimpse into a future where technology and security evolve hand in hand.

With the continued development of Deus Botrus and the expansion of the aviation/aerospace smartplatform SKIES.CLOUD, Don Delvy is not just responding to the current threats but shaping the future of global security and networking. His work prompts a vital dialogue on how we, as a global community, can leverage technology not just for progress but for protection.