70 Stories To Learn About Wix

24 Feb 2024

Let's learn about Wix via these 70 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Building a Website to View Classmates: My Journey with Wix and Velo

To help my classmates stay organized with school during the pandemic, I built a website where my peers can view who share classes with them. This is my journey.

2. Building Advanced Forms and Custom Interactions with Velo: A How-To Guide

With Velo and Wix's custom input elements, you can make extremely sophisticated forms which can do almost anything you can imagine at a fraction of the cost.

3. Do We Still Need Website Developers?

When the first website appeared in 1991, nobody could imagine how easy it would be to do the same in 20 years.

4. The Velo Writing Contest: Round 2 Winners

Here we are again with the announcement of the Velo Writing Contest Winners! HackerNoon has partnered with Wix to celebrate our programmers, who are also great writers.

5. How to Use Velo Rendering API for Improved Performance of Website Pages: Tips to Take into Account

When a visitor browses to one of your site's pages, that page needs to be set up before it is displayed. Setting up a page includes adding and positioning all of its elements as well as running code that might retrieve the page's data or perform other setup operations. This process is known as rendering.

6. How to Setup the WiX Toolset

WiX Toolset creates Windows installation packages from XML source code. The toolkit offers both a command-line environment and the newer MSBuild technology.

7. Velo Keyboard Shortcuts: Main IDE and File Search Key Combinations 

IDE and File Search Key Combinations

8. Wix Velo Introduction: Basic Tips for Beginners

An Overview On Wix Velo

9. Basic Guide to Creating a Page Using Velo by Wix

Velo is a brand-new Wix full-stack development platform. This essentially allows you to add custom code to your website.

10. The Velo Writing Contest: Final Announcement

Heyo Coders! As promised, we are here with the Final announcement of the Velo Writing Contest Winners.

11. How I Created My Digital Branding For Less than $500

Do it yourself logo design, website design, and personal branding tools for early-stage entrepreneurs and consultants.

12. How to Add a Blog to Your Wix Website and Edit JavaScript via Velo

Making things like a journal or blog with Velo is easy as all hell! All you have to do is go to the Velo code editor.

13. The Small Business Website Is Dead. Here’s What Comes Next

The conventional wisdom says that small businesses need a website to succeed. That doesn't reflect reality, though. Here's what's replacing them.

14. Top‌ ‌3‌ ‌Drag-n-Drop‌ ‌Page‌ ‌Builders‌

Do you want to build a fast, mobile, and high-ranking website with no coding experience? Hiring a developer would make the grade, but could cost you a pretty penny. So how can you nail eye-catching pages for your website without coding wiz? Well, the mighty drag-n-drop page builder might come to your rescue.

15. Editing a Simple Contact Us Form Using the Velo Web Editor

Creating a contact form with Velo is easy as pie! Wix’s website templates give an absolutely usable and extremely competent contact form.

16. Velo How-To: On SEO For Router Pages

SEO Settings for router pages vary slightly from the settings for regular pages. Learn about SEO for Wix pages here.

17. A Custom Chart by Using the HTML Component Plainly Explained

This example demonstrates how to use the HTML component to embed a chart on a page. This is just one of the many things you can embed in your site using the HTM

18. The API fetch Module as the Way to Accessing 3rd-Party Services

Using Velo you can write code to access 3rd-party web services. You can call a 3rd-party service directly from your client-side code. However, if you have security concerns, such as exposing API keys, you can call the service from a backend web module.

19. Building a Professional CV Using Velo

A little guide to building your own professional CV/Resume website with Velo by Wix.

20. Properties and Events Velo Panel Puzzled Out: Find Answers to Your Questions

The Properties and Events panel lets you work with the elements on your site with Velo. You can use Velo with all the elements on your site.

21. Building a Website for a Dental Clinic Using Wix and Velo

Long gone are the days when building a website required a myriad of coding skills and zillions of hours.

22. Velo How-To: Assigning Permissions For Web Modules

Note: You should have already learned about Web Modules before reading this article.

23. How to Make an Online Timer via Velo's GUI or JavaScript Editor

If you have JavaScript knowledge and want to build an online timer yourself with custom code, you can use Velo's built-in coding editor.

24. Velo How-To: Setting Up The File Upload Field With Custom Form Handler

File Upload Scenario

25. Velo by Wix: Anatomy of URLs On Paid And Free Platforms

In many situations you might refer to the URLs of your site's pages. A page's URL is made up of several parts that are detailed below. Your site's URL looks different depending on whether you have a premium site or a free site.

26. How to Use Wix App Collections and Code to Customize Your Website

This article explains what Wix app collections are and how you can work with them.

27. How To Clone A Famous Job Board Website using Velo by Wix

Although you won't build a Clubhouse for Gen Z (no offense), Wix is still great for constructing the go-to website we use every day. Any guesses? Job boards. T

28. My Experience Using Velo by Wix: Building a Simple Website

Velo is a great platform, used to create both front-end and back-end website bases, it is full stack which is a huge step up from other Wix services

29. Velo API Introduction: The Basic Things You Should Know About the Velo

Velo's APIs empower you to take full control of your site’s functionality. Use the APIs to interact with site elements, your site’s database content & Wix Apps

30. How to Make an Online Timer via Velo's GUI or JavaScript Editor

If you have JavaScript knowledge and want to build an online timer yourself with custom code, you can use Velo's built-in coding editor.

31. Wix-Animation Module Implementation: Follow These Tips to Set It Up

The wix-animations module contains functionality for working withanimations. Learn more.

32. How To Setup Event Tracking with Velo by Wix

Adding tracking code to your site allows you to monitor how users interact with your site. Collecting tracking data gives you insight into their online behavior and helps you to optimize your online marketing strategies.

33. How To Use Velo and Wix Fetch To Extend Your Website Functionality

Velo supports working in JavaScript and some special features, including:

34. My Experience Building a Professional Portfolio with Velo

In this article, I go over my experiences building an online portfolio using Velo by Wix. Drag, drop, and finally, add some spice with custom code!

35. How To Configure Routers For Your Website with wix-router

Using Velo you can create routers that allow you to take complete control when handling incoming requests to your site. To do so, you set up a router to receive all incoming requests with a specified prefix and define the logic of what to do when a request with that prefix is received. You decide what actions to perform, what response to return, where to route the request, and what data to pass to the page.

36. How To Use Velo Mixins

A mixin is a class that exists solely to provide properties and functions to other classes. Using mixins, you can simulate inheritance between classes.

37. Wix Content Collection Fields: Helpful Tips on How to Use Them Properly

Your content collections store your site's content. The collections organize your content with items (rows) and fields (columns). The fields usually describe the items. For example, if one item is a car, a field may list its color.

38. How To Use Velo API To Work with Forms

You can work with Forms using Velo APIs in 2 different ways: use the Wix Forms app and its APIs or create your own custom form

39. How To Run Triggered Sends with Velo by Wix

Triggered Emails allow you to create a template for emails that you can send to a newly created contact, using code. Before sending the email, your code can inject information into the template to personalize it with any data that is available in your page code. In this article, we demonstrate how to use the code snippet generated by Triggered Emails to send an email to the newly created contact on the submission of a form.

40. Creating a Payment Flow using Velo Pay API

Using the Velo Pay API you can collect payments from your site's visitors outside the context of a Wix App like Wix Stores. The API allows you to collect a payment when triggered by any user interaction on any page.

41. 5 Step Guide on How to Set Up Velo Pay API for a Single-Product Online Payments

This article describes how you can use the Velo Pay API to collect payments from your site's visitors for a single predefined product, outside the context of a Wix App (like Wix Stores). Throughout this article we're going to use this site to illustrate the process.

42. Building a Heritage Trees Registry with Velo

In the course of explaining how I built the registry, I will also highlight the importance of key features of Velo and the Velo API.

43. How to Build a Website With Non-Coding Teammates using Velo By Wix

CAUTION! Building an app with Velo is easy, but building a business with your friend will have challenges : ) You’ve been warned!

44. Building a Wedding Website in 5 Minutes from Scratch

They say digital design is like paint that never dries. Today, we're going to create our own piece of digital art. And WIX will become our ultimate drawing kit. But while paintings take years to get finished, our wedding website will be up and running in a few moments. Let's get into it.

45. Velo Properties Panel In-Depth: Descriptions of the Most Essential 5 Properties

See what the Properties and Events panel looks like here

46. How To Work with External Database

When you enable Velo you also automatically get Wix Data, which lets you work with our built-in databases on your site. You may also want to work with data that you maintain in an external database. Velo lets you connect your site to an external database and then work with that database collection in your site just as you would with our built-in collections.

47. Building A Flutter Native App with Wix Velo for Local Covid Hospital and Oxygen Tracking

How to make flutter native app in velo by wix

48. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Work with the Velo Code Panel

You edit the code for your site in the code panel, which is displayed at the bottom of the Editor.

49. Building Email Forms With Velo by Wix

There are many instances when you want to send an email each time a form is submitted. In this article, we demonstrate how to build two types of forms that send an email. We start by setting up a form that sends an email to a specific address as an alert each time the form is submitted successfully. Then we modify our code so that an email confirmation is sent to the user who filled out the form after it is submitted successfully.

50. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Build a Web Application with Velo

Velo by Wix is an innovative product that lets you build robust web applications with zero setup. Work in Wix's visual builder, add custom functionality and interactions using Velo APIs, and enjoy serverless coding in both the front-end and backend. With Velo, your web app can be up and running in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.To introduce you to Velo, we created our own version of a "Hello, World!" example: a simple currency converter site that uses the wix-fetch API to connect to a third-party service. Site visitors choose source and target currencies from dropdowns and enter an amount to convert. The results are displayed in a text box.

51. The wix-fetch Module as the Way to Take Your Website to the Next Level

An implementation of the standard Javascript Fetch API which can be used in public and backend code for fetching resources from 3rd party servicesusing HTTPS. Learn more.

52. How To Run Recurring Jobs using Velo by Wix

The Job Scheduler allows you to schedule code to run at specified intervals. You schedule code to run by creating a job.

53. Wix App Collections, Permissions, and Code: Velo Feature Guide for Developers

This article explains what Wix app collections are and how you can work with them.

54. Velo How-To: Security Checklist

In general, your site is secure without you having to do anything. Wix takes care of that for you. However, there are certain situations where you have to take some precautions so that you don't expose your sensitive data to your site's visitors.

55. Velo Promises in Action: Key Tips to Call the Asynchronously-Run Functions

Asynchronous code is code that doesn't necessarily run line-by-line in the order you've written it. In Velo, you will often encounter asynchronous code when you call a function that cannot finish executing immediately and therefore returns a Promise.

56. How to Build a Startup Landing Page in Velo

In this article, I will be discussing these cases for which I highly recommend Velo and in cases, where I find it difficult that Velo would be a good solution.

57. How to Enter The Velo Writing Contest by Wix & Hacker Noon

Hacker Noon has partnered with Wix to host the Velo Writing Contest, with $2,500in prize money to be awarded

58. Introducing Amnotzon: Building Ecommerce Sites is Easy with Velo

?E-commerce with Velo is simple! One of the most useful tools provided is “Adi”, an AI that can be used to give you intuitive design suggestions.

59. The Velo Writing Contest: Round 1 Results Announced!

Results and winners of round 1 of the Velo writing contest, in partnership with HackerNoon, have been announced. Let's find out who came out on top!

60. 5 Hot Velo Practices to Test and Debug Your Website Code

Wix provides several tools for testing and debugging the code in your site. You can start by testing your site in Preview mode before publishing. If you see errors or your site is not running as expected, there are 4 tools you can use to debug the code in your site:

61. How to Build Your Own Booking Platform with Velo

In this article I develop a way to bypass wixBookings and build my own custom bookings platform.

62. Accepting Payments With The Wix Payment API

Creating a custom form to accept payments using Velo

63. How To Avoid SEO Pitfalls

Building a Wix site with Velo? Here are some tips for improving your site's visibility in search engines and avoiding SEO pitfalls when coding with Velo.

64. Velo How-To: On Performance Optimization And Data

Using data from database collections or from a 3rd-party source can be a powerful tool to enhance your site's functionality. However, sending a lot of data to the browser from the server can be a time-consuming operation and negatively affect your site's loading time. Therefore, you want to minimize the amount of data that is sent from the server to the browser.  This article lists a number of approaches you can use, whether you're using a dataset or the Data API, to improve your site's performance.

65. Must-Have Velo Glossary for Coders: 60+ Essential Terms Precisely Explained

In Velo, the schema defines which fields are in each of your collections and their type.

66. Velo How-To: API Aggregations

Using the aggregation functionality of the Data API you can perform certain calculations on your collection data, as whole or on groups of items that you define, to retrieve meaningful summaries. You can also add filtering and sorting to your aggregations to retrieve exactly what you need.

67. How To Build A Website With Velo [Beginners Guide]

Excited as you are to get started building your website using Velo by Wix, let's take a moment to plan ahead.

68. How To Use the Paid Plans API for Pricing Plan Ordering

This article describes how you can use the Velo Paid Plans API to customize how you offer pricing plans to your site's visitors. We're going to explain how we set up a sample site and the code we added to make it work.

69. Creating and Debugging Website Routers

Creating a router allows you to take complete control when handling certain incoming requests to your site.

70. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use External Database Collections for Better Wix Website Performance

Integrate your external databases into your Wix sites. Learn more.

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