220 Stories To Learn About Ux Design

23 Feb 2024

Let's learn about Ux Design via these 220 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

The consumer is always right, or are they? HackerNoon's UX design stories spotlight an industry that always puts the consumer at its center.

1. Top 10 Principles of Good Web Design

Have you heard about the best trending 10 principles of good web design? Worth reading the blog. Please comment your thoughts

2. How To Embed Single Photos From Google Photos on Your Website and Notion Page

Learn how to embed photos from Google Photos on your website, Notion page, email message, or blog using Labnol's embed link generator or the manual route.

3. A Self-Learner’s Guide to Combating UX Research & Design Misinformation

UX education is saturated and it has become increasingly difficult to filter out the bad sources. Here’s how we can fix that.

4. Creating an Immersive AR Experience: Lessons From a Hackathon

Discover how a team overcame challenges in a FormulaAI hackathon to build a 3D AR experience for sports analysis in this inspiring case study.

5. How PMs Can Build a Great Product Notification Experience

After reading this article, you’ll have the confidence and the tools to set up a notification system that delights and doesn’t annoy.

6. Creating Fitness Application: UX/UI Design Case Study

Hey! I'm Danil and I'm part of the 2muchcoffee team. I have over 6 years of experience in UX/UI design including research, analysis, interaction design, and visual design.

7. 10 Proven Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

It can be alarming to see high rates of cart abandonment. This is usually an indicator of a poor customer experience that makes your customer change their mind.

8. The Dos and Don'ts of Designing Chat Messaging UIs for Your App

Get valuable insights on designing user-friendly in-app chat UIs. Learn the dos and don'ts, best practices, and tips on simplifying, enhancing UX with color and

9. The Developer’s Guide to Completing Projects on Time

Become a better developer by learning how to properly collaborate in a team environment and turn their strengths into your success.

10. Reinventing the Python Logo: Interview with a UI Designer

UI designer Jessica Williamson redesigns the Python logo and receives 7000 upvotes on Reddit.

11. A Pledge to Better App Notifications by App Developers

There is a direct connection between all the unnecessary notifications you get on your phone and the sub-prime financial crisis of 2008: lack of accountability

12. You Need to Unlearn Your Product Every Day as a Product Manager

Product Managers (PM) are responsible for the growth of the product from the very first day. If the product succeeds, the whole product team gets the credit but if it fails, the PM takes complete responsibility for its failure. In this drive to make their product successful, PMs need to spend a lot of time with their product to make it simple and valuable for their users.

13. The No-Code Movement And What It Means For Agencies

Building things online without any coding skills is barely a new thing - Shopify, Wix, Squarespace and many others have been around for years, allowing users to create e-commerce websites, personal portfolios, and corporates homepages all within the browser, only with basic tech knowledge.

14. A Comprehensive List of Free Fonts for Designers

This comprehensive list includes a wide range of options, from elegant serifs to modern sans-serifs, so you’re sure to find something that fits your project.

15. How to Add a Social Layer Across the Web

Think of social media sites as malls and every other website as independent shops and houses in a sprawling suburb.

16. 13 Website Design Inspiration for UI/UX Designers

Regardless of whether you're an accomplished website designer or developer or simply a beginner, a website architecture venture's extension can rapidly limit the of assets accessible, making it extreme to track down the correct website design for motivation for your assignment.

17. Mobile App Heatmaps: A Powerful Weapon (And How to Use Them)

Mobile App Heatmaps: What they are and why they matter. UXCam mobile app heatmaps are one of the most powerful tools for mobile apps.

18. How Instagram's Homepage has Changed Over the Past 10 Years

Instagram or Insta is one of the world’s most used photo and video sharing social networks. It is owned by Facebook and was launched in 2010 on iOS and the Android version was launched two years later along with a trimmed down desktop version. Today, let us see how the homepage of Instagram has evolved over the years.

19. 5 Fun Ways Designers Can Help Product Teams Be More User-centric

Product designers and researchers are the voices of the users. Check out the 5 fun and inclusive ways to help product teams build more user empathy.

20. 5 Insights on Font Psychology That'll Enhance Your UX Design

If you're a UX designer, you know that fonts are one of the most important aspects of UX design. Font choice can make or break an otherwise perfect UX design.

21. How the eBay Homepage has Changed Over the Past 21 Years

eBay is a multinational e-commerce platform. It facilitates consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales through its website. eBay was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar.

22. 4 Big Companies That Use UX Writing As A Growth Engine

I'd like to start off this blog post by differentiating between UX Writing and Copywriting as I feel like there's a lot of misunderstanding.

23. Make Your EdTech Life-Changing by Applying These 5 UX Insights

It's impossible to buid a well-converting edtech product without investing in the LX. Use these 5 insights to make your project life-changing.

24. The Basic UX Design Tradeoffs for Navigation Menus

Navigation menus are one of the most-viewed and most-clicked-on pieces of interface. Let’s look at some principles of nav design that will help our users have a better experience.

25. What is a UI Developer Role?

The world of technology is a complicated one. With titles like “rock star”, “ninja,” it can be hard to take job descriptions seriously. It doesn’t help that many hiring managers ask for ludicrous credentials. Is a UI Developer a real thing? Maybe they have job descriptions like this:

26. A Brief Guide to the Laws of UX for Product Managers

The Laws of UX categorized under heuristics help us understand the cognitive and behavioral ways that humans generally interact with products. Let’s delve in!

27. How the YouTube Homepage has Changed in the Past 15 Years

YouTube is an online video-sharing platform. It was created in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. In November 2006, Google bought the platform for US$1.65 Billion. The platform allows users to upload, view, share, rate, comment on videos, report, add to playlists, and subscribe to other users.

28. 5 Common UX Myths That You Should Know

29. 5 Reasons Why Hiring a UX Researcher Can Save You From Bull***t

We dare to compare a quality UX researcher to Legolas - a mythical being that is hard to find, but if you do, your life changes forever.

30. Design Thinking: What is it and Why does it Matter?

Design thinking is a design process for solving complex problems. Also, design thinking is a human-centered design approach to tackle the challenges and finding

31. 6 Tips to Stay Within Budget While Designing a Website

How to get prepared before designing the website? Here are 6 easy tips we have benefited from.

32. How to Design for Mobile Apps

A brief introduction to mobile app design with some simple tips to consider while designing for a mobile app.

33. 8 Chrome Extensions for UI/UX Designers

I have compiled eight chrome extensions to help get the job done faster and more productive.

34. Taking Advantage of React to Improve User Experience

In this article, we'll discuss some tips on how to create a great user experience with React.

35. The Importance of UX Design in Video Games

UX design is an important part of video games as it helps users form first impressions of the game and motivates them to try it out.

36. 11 Cognitive Biases Useful in Product Design

Key biases, heuristics and cognitive effects that can be used for designing products.

37. We Ought to Get Better at Recognizing Dark Patterns

Companies advertising online have developed a series of unethical practices that some describe as Dark Patterns, which can mislead consumers on the internet.

38. AB Testing For Digital Products

An overview of AB testing during the design of digital products like UX, digital marketing advertisements and software development.

39. What UX Designers Can Learn From Microlearning

Microlearning helps inject knowledge into workflows, what's there to learn here for UX design?

40. How to WOW Users With Intuitive UX Design

70% of online businesses fail because of bad usability. The solution to this challenge is an approach known as Intuitive UX Design

41. My Experience With Dating Apps - Take One

My first experience using various apps to meet people.

42. UI vs UX Design: What are the Major Differences?

What is UI and UX Design? Difference between them and their importance in the filed of designing a website or mobile app.

The best logos come across as simple and effortless. This is a difficult concept to wrap your head around when creating your first logo. In fact the number one issue I have had with most of my clients is their urge to overdo the design. Look at the logos of the world’s most successful brands like Nike, Twitter, or Apple. They are extremely simple and recognizable which is why I spend a good part of my time stressing this point to my clients.

44. How to Implement Dark Mode: 5 Essential Tips to Remember

Here are 5 tips you should keep in mind when implementing dark mode in your apps.

In this post, we’ll be exploring some interesting UX design trends to look out for in 2022. But before that, let’s discuss why is UX design important.

46. Debunking 5 Common UX Design Myths

There have been a number of misconceptions and myths about UX. And these things lead to inaccurate assumptions which affect design and usability choices.

47. Digital Design Canvases Are Evolving to Better Suit Modern Workflows

The importance of information layers for design workspaces and the future of productivity in teams

48. Through a browser, darkly

Exposing dark patterns in digital publishing

49. Seven UX Lessons from Apple's Big Sur Update

The largest tech company in the world recently launched new software.

50. UX Takeaways From An Indian Food Delivery App That Serves 1.4 Million Orders Everyday

“Good design is actually a lot harder to notice than poor design, in part because good designs fit our needs so well that the design is invisible,” ― Don Norman

51. 9 Must Have Skills To Become An AR/VR Developer (With Course Recommendations)

XR encompasses augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies. This is an up-and-coming industry that may be good to get into.

52. The Role of Microinteractions in Improving User Experience

It's always said that the little things make more significant differences! The case with user experience is also not different. Every user comes across with microinteractions in our daily lives in some form or the other. It may be in the form of time on the phone's alarm to notifications for new emails in your inbox!

53. How to Design for User Retention That Works

Tips on how to create enjoyable and habit-forming UX/UI design in every digital product.

54. How to Add a Custom Font to a React Native Project

I just started learning React Native and I have to admit that, it’s super easy to start with and hot-reloading makes it amazing to develop and reload the application in no time.

55. Front-End Developers And Designers: Bridging The Void

I’ve come quite a long way as a web developer and happened to work in different teams and with different designers. Regardless of the number of people and type

56. Gamification in UX Design: Designing for an Intention

In this article we will know how we can use gamification and take to the next level in strategic design enhancement for motivating users.

57. How to Write Helpful and Accessible UX Copy for Every User

A guide on how to write UX copy that accommodates every kind of user.

58. Website Design or its Copy: Which Should Come First?

A design-first approach or a copy-first approach may seem the easier choice. But the winning combo is a process of design+copy.

59. You Can’t Be a Good Web3 Designer Without Real Interest in Web3

My name is Andrii Bondar. I'm a product designer working on the zkSync project, a layer 2 solution for scaling the Ethereum blockchain.

60. Outsourcing UX Design? Here's How To Set Up a Productive Partnership

If you don’t need a UX designer for several projects over the long term, it’s sometimes better to hire an out-of-office freelancer than an in-house designer.

61. Maker vs Doer: How I Returned To Product Management

I, Taras Zherebetskyy, Product Owner at Tradalaxy international marketplace[1], talk about transferring from service business to work with products and launching a new one.

62. What is Design Debt and Why is it Important?

Design debt is a common yet rarely discussed problem startups face in iterative and incremental software development. Learn what it is, where it comes from, and why it is so important to prevent it.

63. Are UX And UI Equally Important: What Experts Have To Say

This Slack discussion by Sadia Mehmood, Muhammad Bilal, Akasha Rose, anthony watson and Shahmeer Khan occurred in slogging's official #introductions channel, and has been edited for readability.

64. Learning UX/UI: Developers and Designers

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Uxcel, an app that teaches you UX/UI. It looked really clean, so I decided to give it a go.

65. How the Twitter Homepage has Changed in the Past 10 Years

Twitter is the world’s most loved microblogging social network. Users interact and post messages known as Tweets. Twitter was created in March 2006 and launched later that year in July. Since then, it has evolved a lot. Today we are going to review the changes and evolution of Twitter homepage design in the last ten years.

66. How To Pick The Right Stock Photo For Your Next Design Project

We all love beautiful pictures

67. Designing an Effective UI: Improve Your eCommerce Website Design

An E-commerce web design that user would find easy to shop. A good design make shopping engaging and easy for the users. And navigation is just the first step.

Today’s world is full of technological advancement where content with a poor design doesn’t stand out. It is considered to be useless. What attracts potential customers in whatever they want is the design. Nonetheless, it can be quite tricky to stay up on the top due to the ever-changing digital evolution.

69. 9 Must-Know UX Design Tips for Developers

How can a developer make UX an integral part of the development cycle? Read 9 Must-Know UX Design Tips for Developers.

70. Using Low Code Tools to Ship Products Faster

In this era of digital transformation, the ability to ship products quickly is a precious trait. Embracing the changes in technology and the newest innovations is no longer limited to the high-flying startups in Silicon Valley. Now, every company is becoming a technology company in some way.

71. Five Job Interview Questions for hiring a UX Designer

By Adam Fard, founder of adamfard.com a UX Design Agency

72. Increase Your Onboarding Conversion by Over 20% with These Techniques

Everything you need to know to drastically improve your SaaS onboarding completion rates.

73. Designing a Dashboard? - Don't Make These 6 Common Mistakes

Dashboards are an integral part of enterprise applications. When you design such an important element, keep some of the following tips in mind.

74. Who is a Product and UI/UX Designer? What is Their Role and Importance

Hi, today I would like to tell you what the difference is between outwardly very similar professions. they have similarities, but in essence they are completely

75. Mastering Mobile App Development: Overcoming UI Challenges and Navigation Hurdles Like a Pro

Designing a mobile app's user interface (UI) and navigation system in a way that is both intuitive and beautiful can be difficult.

76. UX Is Not Flows

It's safe to say all products are after the best User Experience.

77. The Mistake of Designing an App that is Output Driven, Not Outcome Driven

The rise and eventual dominance of mobile applications in the current business arena is a telling sign of how user experience has become the biggest brand differentiator.

78. The Tips and Tricks for Building UX in Fintech

When it comes to user convenience, understanding consumer habits is as important as the market your app operates in. The ability to combine simple gestures with user-friendly interface results in a solution that appears simple and comprehensive. Mirroring of the physical actions into digital ones is one of the ways to do it.

79. UX Research Methods: How to Uncover Valuable Insight about your Users

Over the years, I've found a collection of highly-efficient UX research methods that I rely on when I have little time or money.

80. The Importance of User Experience in Product Differentiation

A good user design helps create an experience that exceeds customers’ expectations and makes sure that your company is always remembered.

81. 7 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Tech Startups

Having a lot of traffic on your website is great. But your main goal should be to ensure that traffic is leading to conversion, which means conversion rate optimization should be a priority.

82. 4 UX Concepts You Have to Know to Be a Better Developer

Programming is great. You can create almost anything you can imagine. All that power at the tip of your fingers. But programming is also a lonely task. You can have a great team and go to a bunch of meetings, but the truth is you will spend most of your days coding alone with your computer as your only companion.

83. The Evolution of The Web as We Know It

Website layouts change all the time, and there are more ways than ever to style a layout, with many frameworks available to help simplify the code, whilst keeping sites looking fancy.

84. Type Identity and its Impact on API Design

When designing an API, it's easy to use public types that denote resource identity to allow actions on a resource.

85. User Personas in Product Management - Why They're Necessary

Why a PM should care about the particularities of the users? Well, that is the irrelevant part of a product development, as you should know what the users demand.

86. Turning Your Imagination Into Reality

You need to know when your AirTaxi pickup time is. You think for a moment and the answer pops into your mind in less than a few milliseconds. You suddenly remember to catch up with your friend over in Shanghai and you reach out to him. A flood of joy washes over your mind as the connection is established. He allows you to traverse through his feelings and of a recent holiday as you connect with each other. A virtual message notification pops up in front of your eyes but intuitively, you will it to go away. You feel the AirTaxi landing outside and start walking towards it, through automatic doors, and allow it to carry out an invisible memory check before sitting down…

87. How to Make Buttons Stand Out with CSS

The first thing you’ll notice when you add a button to your website is that you’ve taken a trip back in time to 1999. The default button style is very old-fashioned and I can’t think of a use case where you’d want to keep it as it is. The good news is that there are loads of CSS styles that can make your buttons pop.

88. Feature, Not Bug: The Terrible Rationale Behind Web3's Product Design

Let's attempt to look through the rationale behind terrible web3 product design.

89. 6 Web Design Principles You Need to Know

Good web design is good business.

90. Become a UX Wizard With These Simple Tips for Beginner Designers

Taking the first step towards something new is never easy.

91. Meet Lottie — The Open-Source File That Is Changing Animation As We Know It

Meet Lottie — the most revolutionary motion design solution of all time. Animation is a proven effective way to grab customers’ attention.

92. How to Use Microinteractions to Enhance UX and User Engagement

They may say, "The harder the journey, the better the destination." But, you don't want to lose another user just because the UX of your application is giving them a hard time. Maybe focussing on the journey is more important. That is why it is also said that the journey is more important than the destination. The more eventful and detailed your UX journey is, the more the number of users will start using your product.

93. The Absolute Basics of Website UX

The set of behaviors visitors to a site exhibit constitute the UX. Based on this, design teams create products and sites that provide a meaningful user experience.

94. 10 UI Elements Web Developers Should Know About

For web developers, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of UI elements and how users interact with them. UI elements lay at the heart of web development and act as a common design language between web developers.

95. A Comparison Of Web Component Solutions

"Don’t repeat yourself." Every programmer has this concept drilled into their head when first learning to code. Any time you have code you find yourself duplicating in several places, it’s time to abstract that code away into a class or a function. But how does this apply to user interfaces? How do you avoid re-writing the same HTML and CSS over and over again?

96. Introduction to Design Systems for UX/UI Designers

For junior designers - those who have just started studying UX / UI design systems and those who have been working in this field for up to 1-2 years. The main goal of this article is to introduce you to the basic components of system design, to give you a basic introduction to this concept and to revise the material by demonstrating several examples of design systems that are already used by large companies.

97. 5 Web Design Mistakes to Watch out for in 2022

If you're a growing brand, the last thing you would want to be guilty of is web design mistakes. So check out these 5 web design mistakes to avoid in 2022.

98. Designing for iPhone X Screen Dimensions: 9 Tips for a Great UX

The iPhone X screen became 20% taller compared to iPhone 8/8 Plus that is equal to 145pt of additional space. So, be ready to use artboards sized 375 x 812 in your favorite UI design software.

99. Redesigning scrimba.com: A Completely Agile Process [Case Study]

Scrimba is an online platform to learn to code from real teachers. But unlike the many other competitors, their secret sauce is that they’ve developed a unique technology that lets teachers record their screencasts so students can stop at any point and jump directly into editing the code. In this way it’s similar to being taught with a tutor right next to you. Pretty neat!

100. How To Design A Large Website Similar To Alibaba

In this article, I’ll show you the UX/UI design stages you can't find anywhere else. And a result, we'll see a complete dynamic prototype. Let's start!

101. Get Over 50+ Free Icons for Your Projects Here

Designing resources are heavily priced everywhere. But here I am sharing some resources using which you can get more than 10 Million+ Free Icons.

102. 8 Ways to Apply UX to Your Website

User Experience is a must on the website as that is the thing people experience first. There are 99% chances that the visitor will go whether you have...

103. Some of the Most Common UX/UI Mistakes

The software market is suffocated with new mobile and web apps monthly. That’s why the focus has moved on ensuring a client-centered and visible UI/UX design.

104. A Quick Guide to UX Testing

The Testing stage is a capstone stage before the launch of a new product, service, or user scenario.

105. First-Hand Experience of Applying Nielsen's Usability Heuritics in Design

Normal Nielsen's 10 heuristics can be abstract and hard to apply. Here is how we applied the “Match Between System and the Real World” principle.

106. Brainstorming Rules, "How Might We.." Method, Team Warm-Ups, & Brainstorming Sessions

To prepare for brainstorming, it is necessary to gather a team, acquaint all the participants with the rules of brainstorming, and also prepare questions.

107. Proven Methods for Finding UX Research Participants

Cutting down on time, effort & money it takes to recruit research participants via quick & scrappy techniques, leveraging relationships & using automation.

108. UX and Product Design Notes with Noonies Nominee, Jordan Bowman

An interview with Jordan Bowman, Product Designer and Co-Creator of UX Tools; and 6x 2021 Noonies Nominee for Design Thinking, Product Design, UI; UX and more.

109. How to Better Build for Accessibility and Inclusion in UX Decisions

In a nutshell, accessibility in user experience gauges whether users with various abilities can easily interact with the product or service.

110. Lets Talk About Intuition in UX

You don’t have to work in the design industry for very long to come across the word intuitive.

111. How We Redesigned WellSpeak App And Win A Design Award

WellSpeak team shares insights on how to design a mobile application for free and win the nomination “best of apps design 2020 in Ukraine”

112. How User Experience Is Crucial for Mass Adoption of Blockchain Technology

User experience, or UX, refers to how easily users interact with a product or service. In blockchain technology, a positive user experience can be critical for its adoption because it can determine how readily people are willing to use the technology.

113. iOS 14 features Every Developer Must Know

Apple unveiled the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 14, at the WWDC keynote in June 2020.

114. Making Front End Development a Piece of Cake with Webix

What can help you to speed up the development process, and why is it Webix? Let's find out in the article!

115. Should Designers do Product Management?

If designers should know how their product may be engineered, they should also know how it may be productized.

116. Designing Gamification Features in Fintech Products

Gamification is a “standard” that every Bank or Fintech product must have. Based on business and customer perspectives define the solution strategy.

117. What Needs to Happen Before AI Becomes a Thing in Design and Research

To what extent do digital designers and user researchers in industry make use of AI-powered systems to support their work? The answer seems to be “not much.”

118. Design Battle: Visual Design vs Functional Design

Sometimes, designers get confused on which design styles to apply to their work. It all depends on what the work is for and who the target audience is.

119. Every UX Designer Needs To Learn Prototyping

This article covers the definition of prototyping for UX design, when to create your first prototype, and the principles of prototyping.

120. Copywriting For A New Client [Case Study]

While I was talking with Vitor Amaral, creator of UpStamps, I was inspired by the design he uses for his homepage. It’s a clean homepage with awesome vectors that animate(!). Reading through the copy I noticed some things that could be improved which would increase his conversion. So let’s start!

121. Free-up Engineering Time by Empowering Product Managers to Build Push Notifications

In this article, we explain how decoupling notifications from your application’s codebase can help make notification projects less complex for product teams.

What are the best website design trends in 2021? We covered most of the significant trends, like frosted glass, comfortable color palettes, and more.

123. How to Use A/B Testing for Product Design Improvement

This guide defines that approach, and how you can use A/B testing for product design improvement.

In this article, we'll take a deeper dive into the seven graphic design trends that are set to dominate in 2023.

125. Codeless Product Demos is the Key to Closing Deals for the Sales Team in 2021

This article talks about product demo and why codeless product demo creation is critical for sales teams to get leads.

126. What Does It Take To Create An Effective UX?

The main criteria that really matter in UX are whether it fixes your users’ problems. Here are the three most important points of view in efficient UX.

127. Common Mistakes Startup Owners Should Avoid When Designing a Product: Founder Interview

What are common startup design mistakes and how to avoid them to achieve the best performance? Sergey Krasotin, an experienced entrepreneur, outlines some.

128. Using the XR Double Diamond Process to Compare the Designer vs Developer Path

How to pick the right path in the XR career. Whether it's augmented, virtual or mixed reality - you'll have to choose whether to become a designer or developer.

129. Improving Design Handoffs: A Guide

To build an awesome and successful digital product you need to do a lot of things. Such as planning, market research, build a prototype, design it, code it, ship it etc. For this whole process, you need to go through lots of handoffs and team communications. One of the more painful handoffs is the Design-to-Development Handoff.

130. Website Redesign Strategy With a 9 Stage Timeline

The redesign process is explained in detail, with 9 stage timeline. Go step by step with this guide.

131. Gamification in the Fitness App Design: Bringing Fun to Exercising

Gamification is a tool that can make any task fun and skyrocket the app's engagement rates. How to integrate such a feature in the fitness app? Let's discuss!

132. 6 Important SaaS Metrics and Their Relationship with UX design

Churn rate , MRR , LTV , CAC , CAC <> LTV Ratio , and Engagement are some of the most important SaaS metrics you should be monitoring.

133. What are the Elements of Successful UX Design?

To design a great UI, one must be aware of the concepts of UX design too. It helps the designer adopt an empathetic approach.

134. 5 Crucial UX/UI Principles for Designing Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

Best Practices for Designing UI/UX of Augmented Reality Applications

135. An Introduction to Design Systems

Why are design systems important? In a company where everyone speaks a different language, nothing gets done.

136. Top 10 UX Design Principles to Use with Visually-Appealing Websites

UX design principles help build durable solutions through new design patterns, interaction models, and standards.

137. 5 Ideas to Merge UX into Scrum and Agile

When the software first appeared, it was all delivered in boxes. Such software had a finite state. 20 years after that, it already seemed ridiculous. Today we're building systems that can be perfected endlessly. This begs the question: "When does the work end?" - and that question is difficult to answer. We are looking for an answer to this question because it will help us answer other, even more important questions. Will the team receive its award or will it be reprimanded? Will the team do something new? Will the stakeholder benefit from it?

138. How Learning from the Physical World Can Help Us Design Virtual Reality Experiences

The principles we use to create effective VR and AR interactions have existed for as long as we have walked this earth.

139. Comparing AWS vs Digital Ocean From a UX Perspective

While AWS is undoubtedly miles ahead when it comes to the depth of cloud offerings, Digital Ocean does a better job than AWS for a newbie cloud user.

140. Why Creative Navy Awarded a $20,000 Grant to Sophie App

Sophie App is designed to help vulnerable groups escape violent situations unharmed. It can alert the authorities and trusted contacts in a discrete manner.

141. UX Design Patterns: Hacks For Better Transparency And Feedback In FinTech Apps

What are the problems regarding transparency and feedback in FinTech applications? Which UX design patterns can be used to address them? Find out!

142. Red Light! Green Light! Stop Hurting Your Users!

Color is one of the most important tools for creating user interfaces that don't suck, so stop doing it wrong.

143. Using Interaction Techniques in UX to Influence The Design Of Your Project

A Click Is Still a Click — Interaction Techniques in UX. How different interaction types influence user experience.

144. 6 Reasons Why A New Web Design Is Important For Your Company

Your website plays a critical role in customer acquisition and improves overall sales and revenue. However, understanding this significance and realizing the be

145. Basic Web Design Principles to make Your Websites Pop

Five pillars of web design

146. Leave The Demographics Out of Your Design User Personas

User personas can be problematic. Is there a way to turn them into a useful resource? Update them regularly, involve your team in the creation process and more.

147. UI/UX Errors: Don’t Blame the User, Re-Evaluate Your Design Strategy Instead

The solution is to redesign the product in such a way that it prevents errors from occurring in the first place.

148. How to Develop Sound Product Principles via No-Code Methods

A little guide about how to develop sound product principles by being flexible in your methods, plus an example.

149. Blockchain defies a key UX tenet

Foreseeing and preventing user errors is a good and time-honored staple of UX design. Should blockchain defy that?

150. Miro and Zoom are Winning (and 5 More Takeaways from 2020's UX Tools Survey)

Over 4,000 designers responded to Taylor Palmer's annual UX Tools survey. Here are some takeaways from the results.

151. Devised for Design: Top FIGMA Plugins

Figma has been top of its game since its launch in 2016. Here's a list of our team's 12 most used plugins.

152. Why Travel is the Key to Global UX Design

Travelling to conduct UX research facilitates a smooth breakthrough on international markets. Creative Navy sat down with over 100 users in 3 countries.

153. The 11 Rules of UX Writing To Put the User First

Writing for the user experience (UX) is the activity of creating text or content that is read by customers and that appears inside the design of digital goods. UX writing assists customers in understanding how to use and interact with software products, such as websites, desktop and mobile applications, games, etc. The basic purpose of user experience (UX) writing is to assist users through completing activities in any digital product. For want of a better term, user experience writers are interaction designers.

154. How To Design Web and Mobile Apps for Inclusivity

There's been a lot of talking about inclusive web design in the past few years and that's great, as long as it's not only used as a keyword to boost SEO but is actually being considered by design teams.

155. 9 Website Design Tips To Get Things Rolling

While website design isn't rocket science, there are a few stellar points you should keep in mind while designing a website.

156. What Product Designers Can Learn From A Luggage Business

The classic, timeless design principles I learned and use today can be seen everywhere from the phones that we use and even the luggage that we take for granted

157. Mid-Fi Prototyping for Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Want to do rapid prototyping for augmented & virtual reality? Try 360theater, a new design method developed at the University of Michigan.

158. How Xbox Changed Their Homepage Every Year for the Past 18 Years

In this review, we will discuss the evolution of the Xbox website and see how the design elements improved over the years.

159. An Introduction to Design Thinking

Some of the most common approaches to solve a problem are situational or context-specific. For example, in the field of structural engineering, most of the challenges are solved by applying time tested rules in the field of civil engineering. For a problem that is considered less severe, a common approach is a trial by error. Mission-critical requirements and issues are solved by using a well-defined set of steps and strategies. The first reaction to solve any problem is to compartmentalize the problem into something which was solved earlier. The mind likes the comfort of the known after all. This is our primordial nature. These approaches have served us since time immemorial and will continue to do so. A common thread running through all these problems is they are well known, and they have been faced before plus they are well documented

160. How to Start Applying Psychology in Product Design

The best designs exist to help users complete their tasks smoothly and efficiently, and they do so discreetly while remaining completely inconspicuous.

161. How to Build a Healthy Medical Recruitment Process for the MEDIjobs Platform

Medical care is a vital part of our lives. This aspect became even more evident during the Spring of 2020, when, suddenly, the entire world got hit by a pandemic. It might sound like a cliche, but it became clearer to all of us that technology can play a big part in the medical recruitment process. Having the right people with the right set of skills who can immediately start work and help patients became an urgent matter. That’s why MEDIjobs, the career marketplace for healthcare professionals, came to me and the Durran studio to ask for help regarding their platform. The main challenge? To streamline the process of hiring through the platform. Read on to see the entire Design Sprint process and the solutions we found.

162. User Experience Vs. User Interface: Understanding the Difference

When it comes to designing applications, modern businesses that want to be competitive realize the need to provide exemplary user experience, while also regarding user experience as the ultimate factor for success.

163. No-Code Needs To Adapt To Specialists: An Argument

Nobody has time for endless tutorials. To go mainstream, no-code tools must adapt to specialists.

164. How to Add Gamification Into a Dating App Design

The design of the dating app should turn the e-space of online dating into a comfort zone for billions of users seeking for a soulmate.

165. Some FAQs on the Best Programming Language for Graphics

What’s the best programming language for graphics is an excellent question. It’s always curious to discover which languages graphic designers prefer.

166. Improving Accessibility And Inclusion In UX By Understanding Exclusionary Aspects of Design

I stumbled on the topic of accessibility and inclusion while learning user experience (UX) design from MOOCs. At first, I thought it's a reasonably familiar topic but I couldn't have been more wrong.

167. A Guide to Hunt a UX Designer of your Dreams

Customers come to your site for the product, but they always stay because of the experience. On average, 8 in 10 customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. So, who makes customer experience 'better' on your site?

I’m not calling myself a hero, but you may after reading this

169. How to Prepare for Usability Testing - Part 2

How do you know if your users understand the interface of your product, or if it's easy for them to achieve desired tasks? Usability testing is the answer.

Short answer — it’s risky, but it can also work depending on how you do it in terms of UX.

[171. Here's How I Used The Golden Ratio To Make Winning Investments During The

COVID19 Pandemic](https://hackernoon.com/heres-how-i-used-the-golden-ratio-to-make-winning-investments-during-the-covid19-pandemic-3n3v3zj0) When my organization decided to shift to work-from-home culture soon after coronavirus pandemic struck earlier this year, I've asked to work from home. I was happy to save a lot of time commuting to the office —and score some extra hours in each day to revisit and amplify my visual and UX Design skills.

172. Top 10 Trustworthy UX Research Tools

Here we share the list of top 10 UX research tools. This guide will help you better understand the perspective and attitude of a user.

173. Secrets Of The Design Process You Wish You Knew Before

The UX industry puts a lot of emphasis on processes. But is that the best way to think fundamentally about design?

174. How to Test UX Design: UX Problem, Validation & User Testing

The process of testing design is becoming more and more important in the UX world. It allows you to determine if your design will work for your users and solve

175. How To Recruit, Train, and Retain Skilled UX Designers

A “ready” UX designer is a rare encounter in the wild. Designers usually do know how to make things pretty – but when it comes to the product logic and interactions design, few feel at ease. The inevitable solution is to hire people with a relevant background and upgrade them to real UXers:  host lectures, give homework, provide practice opportunities.

176. 6 Principles of Dark UI Design

Color is not the only thing to consider while speaking on the fundamental black UI design principles.

177. User Experience Vs Customer Experience: Are They the Same?

The rise of customer-centricity has led to the emergence of several novel concepts in the field of marketing. Interestingly, the hottest ones seem to have the word “experience” in them, with user experience and customer experience being the most familiar examples. In the era when customers often engage with the service through a website or an app, the line between UX and CX is understandably blurry. However, while certainly related and mutually dependent, they still require somewhat different approaches and sets of tools.

Minimalism, 3D graphics, gradients, textures, and animation ― we’ve seen them all in 2020, but the upcoming year is giving the common design trends a new twist.

179. Top 11 Best User Interface Design Benefits for Online Educational Platforms

It’s no longer news that the methods of sharing knowledge are changing. Well, that’s where online platforms come in. They host many of these educational service providers. They also ensure that students can get access to technologically-advanced education in the comfort of their homes.

180. 4 Templates For Product Owners Looking To Write Great User Stories

The purpose of a user story is to describe the desired functionality of a specific part of the software.

181. 7 Key Points To Improve UX Design

These are 7 crucial key points to improve the UX design of your digital product. To improve UX, you need to know what the “weak spots” of the interface are.

182. How to Create the Perfect UX Portfolio

Quite often, beginning designers contact me on Instagram asking:

Check out the fresh and rocking web design trends in 2022...!!

184. A Guide to Bidirectional Scrolling in Responsive Designs

Incessant scrolling while using an application is perceived as a flaw on both mobile and desktop. To address this concern, a shift to horizontal scrolling of elements is in trend now.

185. Users Make Decisions Based on Predictable Subconscious Patterns

We like to apply labels to users: they’re irrational, lazy, unpredictable, rushed, and so on.

186. Create Humorous and Emotion-Driven Designs To Appeal Gen-Z

The new age call for new age measures. It is time to create designs that are approved by Gen-Z because like it or not, they are the future!

187. 7 Best Product Design Tools Every Team Should Consider

Yes, we've finally reached a point where design is such a huge piece of a product's creation and maintenance that a whole paraphernalia of software will definitely be an essential asset to your projects. Each program will fill different needs and facilitate the best and most efficient work deliveries, be it structure, visual design, illustrations, interactions or animations.

web design is moving into the future, with advanced techniques like retro revolution, fewer images, and Memphis design.

189. The Future Of DevOps: Continuous Design/Continuous Integration

The interaction among many tools in the design & development space all point to a new emerging category: “Continuous Design / Continuous Integration" or "CD/CI"

190. UX Design 101: Understanding User Flows and How to Create Them

The ability to create and think in user flows is one of the most important skills in a UX designer's toolkit.

191. How To Make Marvelous Microcopy: 7 Surefire Tips

Good microcopy is one of the fastest ways to improve an interface. Try doing an audit on your UI with these tips to see how it stands up.

192. The Main Principle of Designing Interactive Environments

What interactivity means and why you need it to make immersive products. We’ll also cover what constitutes immersion, and why “user” is an objectifying term.

193. Illustrations in Web Design: 11 Examples For Your Inspiration

Are you aware of all the opportunities that illustrations give?

194. Crucial Mobile UI/UX Design Mistakes to Avoid at Any Cost

With the inflow of so many mobile app development companies, developing an app seems to be a cakewalk. You just need to contact an app development firm and the rest is taken care of by them.

195. Desktop-First: Because The Future Of Remote Work Starts With The Desktop

The Future Of Remote Work Starts With The Desktop

196. How Does User Experience Leave A Footprint On Your Business?

Everything boils down to customer experience today. Whether it is a mobile application or a website, there is absolutely no way you can turn a blind eye to UX and UI.

197. 5 Essential Bootstrap CSS Components and How to Improve Their Design

Bootstrap CSS has some flaws that can easily be fixed with a little design know how and out of the box Bootstrap classes

198. How I Redesigned my Entire B2B SaaS App in 30 days

Instagram is currently one of the most popular platforms and has seen an explosion of business accounts, ad money spent and even purchases made directly in the app in the last year. Businesses of all sizes are flocking to the platform to get in on a piece of the action. The popularity of Instagram is what makes it a great marketing tool but it is what also makes it difficult to stand out and reach potential customers. Hashtags are a social media concept that is heavily used on Instagram to help classify posts and allow users to get their content in front of more people than just their followers.

199. Top Mobile App UI Design: 2021 Edition

Top User Interface Mobile Application Design 2021.

200. How to Get Started With CSS Flexbox

This little introduction to CSS Flexbox should help you to get a first impression and give you some examples to play around with. From here you will be able to integrate this powerful framework into your own projects.

201. How Nigeria's BuyCoins Can Solve Their UI/UX Problems #YouAreWelcome

What BuyCoins can do better: My UX analysis of BuyCoins, a Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange platform

202. UX Design vs. Web Design: 5 Differences and 5 Similarities

Web design and UX design seem to be synonymous. While each design process and body of knowledge does share overlap with the other, they also differ in specific ways. This article will break down what web design and UX design are, five similarities and five differences between the two, and which is better for an agency, depending on the business case.

203. How to Get Your First UX/UI Design Job

I want to share some alternatives to finding jobs that you can use if you are currently looking for a job as a junior designer.

204. Best Online Platform Material Design Guidelines for 2021

Image courtesy of Pexels

205. Backend Developers And UX Design: Who Should Pay Attention?

There are many languages ​​and technologies in the arsenal of both the front end and the back end. A fierce debate is ongoing about their relevance and convenience. But the truth, as always, is somewhere nearby.

206. What it’s Really Like to Work as a Front-end Developer

Being a successful developer goes beyond your title - you need to have a good mix of technical and soft skills. Indeed Design Developer, James Zhang, shares what it's really like to work as a Front-end Developer.

Design development doesn’t begin with a designer sketching anymore. It begins with understanding - step-by-step - how your users will navigate your app.

208. How to Find Ideas for Web Design

Learn how to look for ideas properly so you don’t waste time and energy in the future.

The best logos come across as simple and effortless. This is a difficult concept to wrap your head around when creating your first logo. In fact the number one issue I have had with most of my clients is their urge to overdo the design. Look at the logos of the world’s most successful brands like Nike, Twitter, or Apple. They are extremely simple and recognizable which is why I spend a good part of my time stressing this point to my clients.

210. What About The Illusion Of Choice?

Do you think your actions are the result of your own free choices? What if those actions are the inevitable and necessary consequence of antecedent states of affairs? What does this mean for your free will?

211. Advancing Online Education in Singapore: A Northell Case Study

Modern education is becoming more and more digitized: while even ten years ago notebooks and printed materials were necessary for studying, all you need today is alaptop and an Internet connection. Various classroom management systems are now used for the education of all levels, from primary schools to corporate training. It is a sure way to make the learning process more efficient —  for example, taking quizzes and tests online helps automate grading and provide immediate access to the student’s performance.

212. 5 Tips to Improve Your Website's UX

UX design is the key to battling a growing number of competitors in a post-covid e-commerce environment. Here are 5 strategies for ultimate success.

213. Augmented Reality in Top 5 Apps 2020

Augmented reality is often presented as something futuristic, but it exists around us for a long time.

214. How to Set Up UX Workshops for Product Design, Discovery, Prioritization, and Feedback

User experience workshops are a crucial phase of a well-thought-out product. There is a wide variety of cases where such workshops can help solve pressing problems, critical for a project's success. They can range from tackling intricate design or UX issues to receiving constructive feedback on your designs.

215. iOs App Development Wars: React Native Vs. Swift

A comparison of React Native vs Swift for iOS app development ⚡ Which one is more convenient and practical?

216. 5 Principles of UX Design Psychology: How to Predict Your Users' Behavior

Learn how to design applications that people will enjoy using with the help of the 5 principles of UX design psychology.

217. How to Prepare for Usability Testing - Part I

I will be talking about Usability testing for designers who want to create a new product. Also, designers who work with a long-existing product can also find insights in this article. I will take you through the preparation process for project testing.

218. Exploring Mental Health and UX Design with Jennifer Wong

Jennifer Wong is the Founder of a UX design boot camp called Product Design Fam and the CEO of Empathie, an app dedicated to empowering racial minorities.

219. Best Practices for Designing a User-Centric Dashboard

The importance of user experience is more emphasized than ever. As a result, the number and variety of dashboard tools is on the rise. These tools are used as an essential piece in any good customer experience strategy.

220. Launching Your UX Career with Joe Natoli

Joe Natoli is a UX consultant, author and speaker. Everything he does is born from nearly three decades of consulting

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